‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Wives Face the Ugly Side of Plural Marriage in New Episode?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown seems caught off guard in the next episode as the wives verbally duke it out over another problem. But it looks like this is a problem that this shared husband never saw coming. As a result of this latest conflict, the Sister Wives throw a different light on plural marriage when the next episode rolls out.

Kody Brown and his wives were all about sharing this life on Earth together. This entailed harmony, or at least they strived for a harmonious existence on the screen. But ratings don’t mount up over peaceful scenes.

No, the show must dole out the drama. So, as this season of Sister Wives winds down, it looks like more drama is in the cards.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Driven to Keep Show Alive

Kody Brown is the biggest advocate when it comes to keeping Sister Wives alive and kicking on TLC. He negotiated his way out of a cancellation of the show several seasons ago.

When TLC put the kibosh on Sister Wives after season 11 due to low ratings, Kody went to work. He negotiated with the powers-who-be from TLC to keep Sister Wives on air. This ended up as a drastic cut in pay.

Instead of their five individual salaries of $180,000 each, they settled on one. Reports indicate that Kody Brown took just one salary for all five of the Sister Wives adults.

That was a huge pay cut as five people each pulling in $180,000 per season equals out to just under a million dollars. But reports indicated this huge salary cut did the trick and Sister Wives signed for season 12.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Spin the Drama – It Gets Ugly

Now that Sister Wives is in season 14, it appears it’s holding its own in the ratings even under its new time slot of 10 pm EST.  It’s highly likely Kody Brown renegotiated salaries again with TLC now that the show remains in the top 10 for Sunday night TV viewing. But there’s no official word on their more recent salary.

The show came in at number seven last week on Sunday night’s list of “Top 150 Original Cable Telecasts”. But… it’s the drama that keeps the fans coming back to Sister Wives.

So to keep the show on the air, it looks like the drama is the medicine needed for Kody Brown to keep his show alive. With drama in mind, this new episode for Sunday night promises more than ever before.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Christine Brown - Janelle Brown - Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Nothing Left To Do – So They Unplug?

Through a decade of seasons, Sister Wives offered a variety of storylines. But this time around it looks as if they’ve upped the ante on drama. As arguments go on, fans get to see Sister Wives like they never have seen before, according to the previews.

It also sounds as if Kody Brown and his four wives peel back a few layers of their polygamous marriage in the next episode. This is one way to give fans a rare look at the darker side of five adults sharing a marriage.

From what the TLC previews indicate, the Sister Wives get a bit materialistic in the next episode. This seems to go against the grain of these five adults. They usually come off as all-for-one-and-one-for-all. But that’s not the case in Sunday’s new episode. It looks like even more drama is called for.

By now fans know the one huge Sister Wives home that Kody wanted so bad is nixed by his wives. So, it appears the future brings four individual homes on Coyote Pass for Kody Brown’s women. But the drama doesn’t stop there.

Verbal Boxing Gloves Surface Over the Parcels of Land?

Viewers of the show get to see Meri Brown, Robyn Brown, and Kody Brown fight over who gets which building lot. But from what the Sister Wives previews suggest, the fans of the show will see the family partake in the worst fight they’ve ever had.

The previews indicate tempers flare to a new height. That includes everyone’s temper, as each one of the spouses jumps in. It also sounds as if Janelle Brown realizes a problem when the task of assigning the building lots to each wife emerges. Their newfound pond created from the runoff of rainwater is seen as a commodity. But Janelle worries not every wife will have access to that pond from their Sister Wives building lot.

Meri Brown said a few times how she loves living in the woods. She echoed this when touring Cottonwood while still looking for Flagstaff land with Kody. So it looks like the Sister Wives patriarch assigns a wooded lot of land to Meri. But now that becomes a problem. Sure, Meri said she loved the woods at one time but that’s before she moved into her new rental home surrounded by trees.

It seems Meri now knows how much the trees block out the sun and she doesn’t like it. So it sounds like the treed lot won’t suit Meri’s needs after all. On Sunday night’s Sister Wives the ladies fight over who is going to live where and from the recent reports, it’s not a pretty picture. That’s especially true for a fed-up Kody Brown.

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