‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s One House Plan Gets Unlikely Support – Which Wife Is All-In?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown has a dream for all four of his wives to live under one roof in a big house. This is nothing new for the first three wives as they all shared house back in the earlier days of their marriage. But, it would be a new experience for his fourth wife Robyn Brown.

Certainly sharing a big house comes with its pros and cons. But for Kody Brown, the pros far outweigh the cons. Plus, the older kids all have fond memories of living so close. So they know what their younger siblings are missing out on.

Unfortunately, the Sister Wives are not as in love with his vision of one house. However, there’s one wife that is surprising all for her husband’s plans for the family compound.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Invites His Wives To Live In His House

In a perfect world Sister Wives patriarch, Kody Brown has all four of his wives living in harmony under one roof in the same house. However since the family moved to Las Vegas and subsequently Flagstaff, each wife had her own house. Now Kody thinks its time to once again have all wives in one huge house. He referred to this shared dwelling as “his house”. That did not go over well with the wives.

Kody’s one big house plan allows all the Sister Wives to have their own living quarters. They each would have their own kitchens, living rooms,  bedrooms for their children and their individual master suites would be the furthest away from the other wives. So, in Kody’s mind, they all have privacy. Additionally, he would have a mega-sized family room to accommodate the entire family, as well as his own kitchen all can feel comfortable cooking in together. However, one major drawback is that there will be only one entrance. So the wives might see their shared husband coming and going with one of the other wives. Recall the Browns have a rule of no PDA in front of the others. So a shared entrance could potentially spark jealousy and hurt among the wives.

Sister Wives: One Big House

Janelle Brown Shocks The Spouses

Sisters Wives’ second wife Janelle Brown surprisingly is the only wife that fully supports Kody’s plans. Her support comes as a shock to most fans. Most would have thought that Robyn or Christine would be Kody’s biggest cheerleaders. However, both of them have quite opposite opinions than Janelle. Meri Brown decided to say nothing and watch her co-spouses vent their feelings. It seems like she had the right idea.

Janelle Brown is very practical about money and finances. So her support likely comes from the savings factor of living as one family brings. Also, she and her six children have fond memories of all the siblings and moms living together. According to Janelle, the way the family has spread apart in houses miles away from each other is destroying their family culture. All Browns under one roof would certainly unite them and create the bonds that the younger siblings are currently lacking.

Sister Wives: Christine  Brown Refuses To Cohabitate Ever Again

Kody Brown’s third wife, Christine Brown, is adamant about never living with her Sister Wives again. She is vehemently opposed to sharing quarters with the ladies she shares a husband with. Christine says she would love nothing more than to be their neighbors forever but, never again their roommate.

Her reasons are very selfish. According to the mom of six, she just likes the person she is when she has control over her living environment. Clearly Christine does not have the family’s best interest at heart, just her own. However, as Kody says he must lead the family and they might not like his choices but they all follow as to where one goes all go. So there’s a high chance he might with Janelle’s help sway the others into his big house plan. But for now, the Sister Wives clan remains a house divided.

Sister Wives is on Sundays on TLC.

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