‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Feels Left Out – Says Plural Marriage Lost It’s Luster [Video]

Sister Wives star Kody Brown is feeling like the odd man out these days. Hard to believe that a man with four wives and 18 children could ever be lonely or left out, but yet that is exactly how he’s feeling. For as long as we can recall Kody has wanted his spouses to all get along.

However, he never dreamed that what would unite them would divide him from them as well. So as the wives gather to make new memories together on their new Coyote Pass properties, Kody Brown shares he’s losing his faith in plural marriage.

Sister Wives Update: Kody Brown Not A Happy Husband

Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown’s wives have vetoed his dream to all reside together in one big house. This rejection has him questioning his faith. In fact, he is jaded entirely with polygamy. In the video below we see Kody’s wives goofing off making snow angels. When the Sister Wives director says to Kody that if he was a polygamist and saw his wives having fun that it would bring him a sense of satisfaction.

That’s when Kody Brown admitted that things like that used to make him happy. However, that is no longer true. Since they united against him about the shared house plan he’s not been able to find the joy in anything. The Sister Wives shared husband Kody Brown says he’s cynical and jaded now.  When he was younger nothing brought him more joy seeing his then three wives together having fun. Now when he sees them as a group he questions plural marriage in general.


Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Kody’s Wives Get Angelic In The Snow

At Robyn Brown’s suggestion, the Sister Wives head to their Arizona land to have a little fun and blow off steam. The co-spouses have been getting along well lately since they as a group were successful in blocking Kody’s plan to share a house. Just recently they made vision boards together. So now they bundle up and show off their angelic sides and make snow angels.

Kody Brown sees his four wives acting goofy and instead of being happy he feels sadness. They are getting along well without him. Normally that would be his ideal, however since they rained on his house plans he finds himself in a place he rarely ever is —doubting his faith and his family’s future.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Is Struggling

Kody says he’s struggling with all four of the Sister Wives. They are at a stage in their lives where they are miles apart geographically and emotionally. Additionally, he says they are too old and too far into their relationships to be at this place. They’re just not getting long.

Somehow with the way  Kody Brown presented his one big house idea he managed to create tension between all five of them. It’s basically the wives versus their husband. It’s like a mob mentality. Kody is not used to not having the support of his wives. This is uncharted territory for the Brown family.

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