‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Wives Said It – But Nobody Paid Attention?

Sister Wives celeb Kody Brown and his four wives’ secret for longevity might be something other than Kody keeping a tight nighttime schedule. The Sister Wives patriarch became an instant icon when he first gave the crowds a window into his polygamous lifestyle over a decade ago. Curiosity got the best of the Sister Wives viewers bringing them back each season.

But when it boils down to it, all the drama kept the Sister Wives alive in the ratings. Kody presented a lifestyle hard to wrap one’s head around. Cheating husbands and wives fill courtrooms around the nation with jealous spouses. So when this guy came along who is not only sleeping with four women but married to all four as well, people took notice.

Sister Wives: How Does Kody Brown Keep All His Ducks In A Row?

So, how does he do it? This was one of the first questions to come out of the Sister Wives audience. Ironically, it sounds like Kody Brown, Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown revealed the real truth a long time ago. But they don’t seem to demonstrate it on the show for the viewers.

From what Kody Brown and his wives mentioned a while back about their lifestyle, it sounds a bit different than what the audience sees. Some of what the Sister Wives revealed about themselves in the past doesn’t seem to offer that wow factor. And they need some wow to bring folks back each new season.

Most successful reality series fill their episodes with drama and it looks as if the Sister Wives adults figured that out fairly quickly. Many moons ago, the five adults from the Brown family penned a book. it seemed to reveal nothing resembling a festival of romance sprouting up for Kody Brown and his wives.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Turning A Monogamous Marriage Into A Plural One

So, this plural marriage first came together with Kody Brown and Meri Brown taking on a second wife, Janelle Brown. But it had nothing to do with Kody Brown falling head over heels for Janelle.

Instead, he reportedly liked her, respected her, and he enjoyed talking about their career goals together. What seemed to carry more of an emphasis, is what Janelle could offer the family of three. While she wasn’t born with a silver spoon in her mouth, she had a good-paying job and she was a hard worker.

Janelle pointed out how much she felt like a guest in the house she shared with this couple. She felt at times that overstayed her welcome. Her first year especially, she felt nothing like a wife. This was before Christine Brown entered the picture as wife number three.

But it sounds as if she made life easier for Meri Brown, who also worked outside the home. The first Sister Wives wife would take time off to be with Kody Brown. His job at the time entailed traveling for days at a time.

The Sister Wives head honcho often invited Meri to go with him. But not Janelle, she stayed home most of the time Kody traveled.

Meri, took time off from work to do this. She didn’t get paid for her days off. Since the Sister Wives trio struggled with bills, Janelle wasn’t happy about this.

Early Days of Plural Marriage

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Introduced As Kody Brown’s Sister?

Meri and Kody Brown behaved like most monogamous couples when only two of them made up this marriage. But oddly enough nothing changed with Janelle Brown coming on board.

In fact, when people learned Janelle lived with Meri and Kody, the original Sister Wives couple claimed she was Kody’s sister. Meri claimed this it’s not a full-blown fib, as Janelle’s mom did marry Kody’s father.

So, what part did Janelle play in this marriage? Janelle herself said that she and Kody didn’t share a romantic love story between them. She also said the love wouldn’t come for several years after their marriage.

What seemed to confuse the fans at the time they revealed this was that Kody and Janelle had a bunch of kids together. Although fans jumped in to remind the naysayers that people have kids all the time without romantic love involved.

Still, introducing Janelle as Kody’s sister and marriage without romantic feelings perplexed many of the fans. So, is it possible that the Sister Wives marriages were about building a family more so than Kody Brown finding romance among a group of women?

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Hair

Each Wife Benefits the Family?

Each wife seems to bring something different to the Sister Wives plural marriage. Instead of one woman bringing home the bacon and then frying it up in the pan, it appears that Kody’s wives split the tasks that traditionally fall to one wife.

For the sixteen years before Robyn Brown joined them, each wife carved out their own place among the wives. Janelle and Meri seemed to bring home the bacon. Christine Brown pretty much took care of all the kids as Meri and Janelle worked.

Even from what Kody Brown had to say, it didn’t sound like he found fireworks when meeting his first three wives. But that seemed to change once he met Robyn Brown. He said Meri manipulated him into marriage, Janelle was like a buddy and Christine Brown almost didn’t make the grade after eating nachos.

Brown Family Adults

And Then There Was Robyn Brown

When Robyn Brown came along, she seemed to fill that romantic piece of a marriage that often keeps couples intact. The Sister Wives co-wives had subtly pointed out their different jobs within the family through the decade of this TLC series.

Janelle made it quite clear that love would grow for Kody Brown but not until long after they married. Because that love wasn’t there when she married Kody, for either one of them.

So, in the beginning, all these women seem to serve a purpose in bringing up Kody Brown’s 18 kids. Becoming part of a Sister Wives tribe seemed more important than taking Kody Brown on as a husband. At one time or another, it seems that Christine Brown, Janelle Brown, Robyn Brown, and Meri Brown said something to this effect.

Although jealousy exists, which all four women confirmed. But Janelle also said many of the fights started over things in the kitchen and different opinions on housework.

Well, the Sister Wives ladies said it for a decade of seasons, the “sister” part of this marriage seems the most important piece.

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