‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Slams Kody with Tweet – Resents Being Bundled?

Sister Wives celeb Meri Brown is not about to get bunched with Kody Brown‘s other wives who don’t get the concept of plural marriage. Or at least it looks that way from her latest tweet. Meri looks as if she’s ready to battle her shared husband after he made a generalized statement about all his women from Sister Wives.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Doesn’t Come in a Bundle

The original Sister Wives matriarch, Meri Brown, gave husband Kody Brown a piece of her mind. It seems that Kody Brown grouped all his Sister Wives ladies into a group of jealous ladies. As seen in the post below, Meri takes issue with Kody who said “all” his wives don’t like to see him with one of the wives alone.

In no uncertain terms, Meri begged to differ with what her Sister Wives shared husband had to say. Not to mention she made sure to extract herself from his bundle of wives who can’t handle seeing him with another woman.

Apparently Meri Brown’s tweet caught Kody Brown’s eye and he offered up an apology. He also said that he tends to generalize by saying “all” his wives even if it’s the deed of only one wife.


Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Kody Brown Has One Wife Who Won’t Play Hall Monitor

Meri Brown reprimanded Kody Brown for his attempt to group her in with his other wives over the jealousy displayed on Sister Wives. During one of the now many meetings over the one house plans, Robyn Brown popped up with a scenario.

That imagined scene got the ire going for Kody Brown and Janelle Brown as well. While Meri didn’t voice her opinion on this at the time, her latest tweet seems to say it all. It sounds like Meri sends the message Kody not to include her in his description of possessive wives.

Sister Wives fans took to social media with some harsh observations for the wives of this family. Several viewers remember how these ladies fought for the acceptance of their polygamous lifestyle. For over a decade Kody Brown and his wives claimed they wanted to live this lifestyle without consequences.

Now that they have the chance to live like a true polygamous family a battle ensues. That’s because not all of them really want to live under one roof as a true family does. Some Sister Wives enthusiasts see this as odd, at the very least.

Meri Brown never committed to a big house on the show. She’s waiting it out to see where this battle leads them. Although, it sounds as if she’s okay with it. But she didn’t sound pleased when Kody tossed her in with her other Sister Wives co-spouses. That’s because two of them admit they can’t control their feelings over Kody when he’s with another wife.


Sister Wives: ‘All’ for One – Not In This Case

It seems that Meri Brown, along with Janelle Brown, didn’t stray too far away from their polygamous roots. After listening to Christine Brown and Robyn Brown, several fans suggested these two don’t want a polygamous lifestyle.

Over the years all the Sister Wives women have said at one time or another how a polygamous marriage is not just about the man. You have to learn to live with his other wives as well. So today some of the Sister Wives followers throw these words right back at them.

It seems Meri Brown remembers these roots. But she doesn’t want to take any of the blame for her co-wives whose memories have faded. So it looks as if Meri takes issue with her husband who lumped her in with all the other wives.

Just because they can’t stomach one of the main components of a polygamous marriage doesn’t mean she can’t. Well, there you have it… Meri barked back and Kody took notice. He even apologized for his hasty remark.

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