‘Sister Wives’ New Season: Kody Rejects Meri Brown but She Still Makes a Pass [Video]

Sister Wives star Meri Brown claims she can’t make Kody love her but despite his rejection, she makes a pass at him in the new season promo. From this teaser video, Sister Wives Season 15 looks more realistic than ever before. But again, the video consists of a bunch of clips spliced together.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown and Kody Brown – No Disguise Here

Fans should probably tread softly when it comes to what you see and hear on the Sister Wives promo video. They need to keep TLC’s traditional editing in mind. The clips on the promo video are real. But you just can’t bank on how they splice them together.

After all, the promo is meant to entice fans to the show with drama. So, drama it is for the new Sister Wives teaser trailer.  But you can’t disguise Meri Brown saying she can’t make Kody love her.

It also appears Meri is pushing for love and romance from her shared husband. In the promo video, it looks as if she goes to embarrassing lengths to jolt Kody into a romance mode.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Kody Brown

Meri Brown Makes An Advance

From what you see on the promo, Meri wants her relationship back with Kody. But the Sister Wives patriarch seems to reject the first woman he married. Then when another one of his co-brides speaks up it seems to offer evidence that this really is the case.

In the promo video, one of the other wives tells the camera that this couple’s relationship is sad. You can understand what she means when Meri makes an advance towards Kody as the two seem to picnic alone.

It appears that both the Sister Wives matriarch and patriarch get some time away alone, sitting on a blanket at what looks like Coyote Pass. With the cameras rolling Meri makes a pass at a man she married 30-years-ago.

Sister Wives: Embarrassing Scene?

As the two eat their picnic lunch, Meri asks Kody if he’d push her away if she leaned over and kissed him right now. It appears that Kody Brown feels embarrassed by this request.

His hesitation suggests he’s blindsided as well by his first bride’s behavior.  While a red-faced Kody Brown gives a long “no” to her answer, the clip cuts out before fans get to see if she actually does kiss him or not. But They both appear uncomfortable as the cameras roll.

The theme of Meri Brown feeling rejected by the patriarch of the family seems to play out throughout the entire promo video. In another scene with these two riding in a car together, Meri is wiping away her tears. Kody, who is driving the vehicle, looks mad. Or at best, thoroughly aggravated.

The new Season 15 promo video surfaced this week. Along with giving fans a hint of things to come, it reveals the start date of the new Sister Wives season.

Tune in to TLC on February 14, 2021, for the premiere of Sister Wives Season 15 at 10 pm.

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