‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Busts Into Meri’s Live Sales Show – She Appeases Him on Air

Sister Wives celeb Kody Brown seemed oblivious to the fact Meri Brown was working on a live feed selling LuLaRoe when he barged in this week. Meri was on camera talking with her audience and Kody suddenly appears from behind. What upset some fans was Meri’s willingness to drop everything and do whatever he asks.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Marriage Demise to Meri Brown Just a Ploy?

This clip showing Meri Brown just about bending over backward for Kody Brown’s requests started a tsunami of comments online. Viewers of TLC’s Sister Wives now question if Kody and Meri’s crumbling marriage was just a ploy for ratings.

This Sister Wives couple seems to be just fine with each other in the clip except for Kody busting in. He doesn’t seem to care what Meri was doing at the time. To make matters worse she doesn’t seem to care either, as it looks as if Kody comes first.

Kody Brown claimed on the last Sister Wives season that he and Meri Brown don’t act like a married couple anymore. The way he freely disrupted her while she worked was bizarre. But the way she reacted sure didn’t look like a marriage gone bad.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Kody Brown

What Did Kody Want so Desperately?

If Kody Brown and Meri Brown wanted to offer a teaser to the next season, this sure did the trick. But it had the feel of the real deal and Meri stopped everything and did what her Sister Wives shared husband asked. Despite Meri being in the middle of a live sales show, Kody took over his first wive’s attention.

Kody needed some legal documents signed right away. At one point Meri Brown asked what it was she was signing. She didn’t read a thing, just put her signature on papers. Kody said it was the documents for the ‘ban”.  What ban is this? Then Kody said to Meri at another point, “it’s the title” as she flips through the papers to add her signature.

Again, it appears Meri isn’t too concerned about what she’s signing. Then when Kody Brown tells his first Sister Wives spouse that he needs photocopies of everything she just signed, she obliges. Once again Meri gets pulled away from the camera by Kody. But before she walks away she tells her fans to hold on, he wants photocopies. Then off she goes, with papers and Kody in tow to her photocopy device somewhere out of the camera’ reach.

Sister Wives: Husband on the Edges with Title and Ban?

Why does Meri need to sign a title? Is Coyote Pass property going back on the market? A title gives the vision of the Sister Wives adults buying or selling property or possibly borrowing money against any property they own. What about the “ban” he talks about?

Kody just borrowed $150,000 against the house he purchased with Robyn Brown. They were waiting for the closing on the house when the last season ended. So they haven’t owned it very long. Because the loan was reportedly “urgent” Kody signed his rights away to the Homestead Act.

This means if he declares bankruptcy or has a judgment against him in the future, his house can be part of that judgment. Some states offer a Homestead Act to prevent a person from losing their home when a judgment is levied against them.

Arizona is one of those states. But Kody is no longer protected by that act in the house they just purchased in Flagstaff.

It’s possible they’re borrowing more money with one of their Sister Wives property holdings being used as collateral. Then maybe they’re either buying or selling some type of property.  There are too many assumptions to make out of Kody’s words. But whatever is going on, Meri’s signature is needed.

Kody came into the room saying he’s a wreck. He’s not sleeping and no matter what he tries he can’t calm down. Meri Brown seems very sincere when asking him how he’s doing.

But Kody doesn’t return the caring line of questioning. Fans suggest that he appears to see no further than the nose on his face. It sounds like Kody is still a stressed-out months after the filming stopped.

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