‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Painting Big New Project

Sister Wives’ Meri Brown’s has a new hobby. Fans learned she loves painting back in season 7 of the reality TV series. It seemed back then that she was wallowing in misery and decided some creative self-help would be the best thing. After all, things didn’t go well for her with the catfish lover so she took to art lessons and tried to heal herself and the relationships around her.

‘Sister Wives’ fans saw Meri Brown learn to paint in season 7

We saw some artwork from Sister Wives’ Meri Brown, mostly uninspiring, but hey, she was still new at it. She made an effort to paint a special picture for Kody Brown with lots of trees in it. Actually, it seems she loved to paint trees a lot. Around the same time, the TLC channel showed how Mariah went off her in a big way and they had some uncomfortable encounters. Meri’s painting hobby came at an unhappy moment so hopefully, renewed efforts just mean she’s got some time on her hands.  She took to Instagram and Twitter to announce her new big painting project on September 10.

There’s not much to see her new picture, but she looks a lot happier than she did back in Sister Wives Season 7. Creative painting is therapeutic and helps people to relax. The best part of it is that while concentrating on painting, it’s not easy to keep talking. Perhaps, not talking’s a good thing to learn in a polygamous family with four women competing for one man’s attention. Meri Brown’s looking for some peace and beauty, and presumably some trees to paint in Flagstaff, Arizona. She posted up her excitement about mountains and happy places back in August.


The new big project by Meri Brown just started

Judging by the photo Meri Brown posted on her Instagram, there’s more to see in Meri than the actual painting. But there’s some clouds and sky, and no doubt this means room for trees. Meri herself looks amazing. She’s got this big infectious smile and her eyes are clear and shiny: No red blotches from the too frequent tears of the past. Some of her followers picked up on how good she looks. Follower@leoniemereana noted, “Looking so happy Meri!”

@g_unit29 wished her luck on her adventures and said how she was “glowing.” 13loving_dee also complimented her, saying she looked “beautiful.” Others hoped that Meri would keep updating fans on her painting project. Updates would be wonderful, so we can see how her talent’s growing. she looks happy and excited to be painting. She captioned her post with, “Just the beginning of my next big project, can’t wait to see how it turns out! #LivingMyWhy #BecauseICan #LifeFulfilled #PaintingIsMyHappyPlace.”


Two happy places for Sister Wives painter

Excited about Arizona, Meri also used the #HappyPlace hashtag. Incidentally, it appeared in her post about her big painting project as well. So it seems she has two happy places in her life right now; Arizona and painting. It looks like Flagstaff will be the new beginning that she needs. Radar Online noted that all the women in Kody Brown’s life have something to look forward to. They registered their plots of land already. Meri and Kody’s place is 4.48 acres in size.

What do think about Meri painting a big project? Do you think she’s upset and needing to destress? Maybe she’s really just reached her happy place and wants to paint a happy picture.

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