‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Signs Rights Away for Cash Emergency in Real-Time

Sister Wives star Kody Brown continues to suffer the results of some poor planning on his part. But this time, it appears he’s really in dire straights. A new report indicates the Sister Wives patriarch applied for another huge loan under extremely urgent circumstances.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Make Urgent Plea

Kody and Robyn Brown purchased a new home during this last season of Sister Wives. As the season closed, they still waited for the bank to approve that mortgage.

Now, in real-time, they’ve owned the home for about a year. But it seems Kody Brown and his youngest wife, Robyn, recently applied for a $150,000 home equity loan on that same house.

Robyn and Kody Brown signed the forms on March 20. But reports indicate they wrote on the application: “time is of an essence.” That implies an urgent need for a large loan. Apparently, the Sister Wives couple who own the property felt it was so critical that they waived their right to Homestead Act.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Throws Caution to the Wind to Secure Loan

The homestead portion is an essential safeguard for your home-ownership offered by some states. That includes Arizona, where the Sister Wives reside. This act is crucial for anyone thinking about filing bankruptcy, as it guards your home against a forced sale, execution, and attachment.

In Arizona, this act protects the home up to $150,000, which is coincidentally the amount the Sister Wives duo requested for their loan. In comparison, Massachusetts protects your home up to $500,000 under their Homestead Act.

The patriarch of the Sister Wives got his wish. The loan approval came on March 31, which was 11 days after they turned in the application. This adds yet another debt to Kody Brown and his Sister Wives clan’s financial burdens.

The Sister Wives now carry combined mortgages on vacant building lots on Coyote Pass. Then there’s the mortgage on Christina Brown’s house and the mortgage on Robyn Brown’s house. Now they add the $150,000 for the new loan to their financial mess.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Sister Wives: That’s a Drop-In the Bucket

So, what is going on within the Sister Wives world for Kody Brown to take out yet another loan? Reports suggest they are short on cash when it comes to paying the bills, including rents and mortgages.

It looks like Kody Brown does realize he should have planned differently and probably kept the family in Vegas. The wives all liked it there and the move totally mutilated their finances, which he’ admitted himself.

With several Flagstaff mortgages and rents, this loan of $150,000 probably won’t last long. Especially when you throw in the other bills as well. They have four separate households to maintain on that money along with the several mortgages.

Then they have several high-end vehicles they own across the Sister Wives family and the insurance for a dozen or so drivers. With at least four kids in college, this loan probably will only give Kody Brown a quick fix for catching up with the bills.

Right now it seems the Sister Wives show is in limbo. So far not a word surfaced about a cancellation or renewal for the TLC series.

This new borrowed cash looks like a lot of money to some people. But it’s probably just a drop in the bucket to the Sister Wives tribe. Maybe it’s plenty of money for a family of four when it comes to a year’s worth of bills and living expenses. But for two dozen people spread across four homes, it probably isn’t.

With Coyote Pass sitting vacant and the recent news that the property value went up…  will Kody sell? Or maybe the question is more like – will Kody be forced to sell?

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