‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown and Four Women Miserable in New Season

Sister Wives celeb Kody Brown has four wives who admit their misery in the new season trailer and the gloom seems to stem from their husband. For several seasons Meri Brown looked unhappy but the other wives appeared somewhat content with Kody Brown at the helm.

But this new Sister Wives season trailer offers some serious concerns from all four of the women in Kody Brown’s plural marriage. This father of 18 children also outlines his own misery as well in the Season 15 trailer, including his fantasy of monogamy.

Sister Wives – Kody Brown and His Wives Rebel

As the new season opener nears, it appears not only his wives but Kody himself appear to rebel. All five of the Sister Wives adults’ rebellion seems to connect to their living situation.

Kody Brown comes off as frustrated as he looks into the camera to say he can’t see himself doing this forever. He doesn’t want to go through life with four women constantly complaining about their unhappiness. He even talks about a dream of a monogamous relationship. The dynamics seem to change a bit among the Sister Wives adults.

Christine Brown usually squeezes in any chance at all to get her shared husband’s attention. But she is crying in this trailer saying to Meri Brown that she doesn’t think she can stay with Kody in this marriage anymore.

Sister Wives - Christine Brown New Season Promo

Is Unhappiness That Catchy?

Now, Meri and Christine were not in a good place with each other over the last few seasons. So, it looks odd to see Meri as the one helping her.

The first lady of this plural marriage is at Coyote Pass with Christine and she tells the Sister Wives’ mom of six that she doesn’t get to leave. Then Meri points to the vacant land and says something like we have all this to look forward to.

You get the feeling that Christine is unhappy about the Sister Wives family still not in homes on Coyote Pass. She tells the camera that as soon as she sees Kody again, she is going to tell him she’s moving back to Utah. But the original matriarch has her own problems with the head of this family.

Meri still appears very interested in romance with Kody Brown. She asks him if he will pull away if she kisses him. This scene takes place with just the two of them having a picnic lunch.

Kody hesitates while turning red. He then tells the first woman in his Sister Wives’  family “no,” meaning he won’t pull back. But fans need to wait for Season 15 to start if you want to find out if she got to plant that kiss.

But you get the feeling that something isn’t clicking with the original Sister Wives couple. Meri claims she can’t make Kody love her.

Sister Wives - Kody Brown - Meri Brown
Sister Wives – Kody Brown – Meri Brown

Sister Wives: Isolation Taking Its Toll?

Janelle Brown is worried about her Sister Wives family as the isolation due to COVID takes its toll. Add this to their living situation of four separate homes scattered across Flagstaff and the wives feel alone. Kody complains that he is the only one traveling from home to home.

Robyn Brown appears to feel so isolated that she feels only like a “stepmom”. She also speaks into the camera about one of the Sister Wives ladies possibly sabotaging her marriage. Whoever this is, Robyn can’t trust her, which is another thing she shares. While no name is mentioned, it sounds as if she’s talking about Christine.

Christine wants to leave, Robyn’s marriage is tampered with, Meri can’t make Kody love her, and Janelle is deeply concerned over the demise of this plural marriage. Then there’s Kody who gives a bizarre explanation for a man with four wives.

He claims romance and sex are saved for those people who are in love. He follows that by saying if he and Meri wanted to be together they would.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Living Situation Needs A Fix?

There’s one common thread throughout this trailer for the Sister Wives new season. That’s housing. Christine claims it’s time to get the plans for Coyote Pass underway. Meri brings up the untouched land as well.

So it looks as if the ladies want to get going on their vacant land. But in the Sister Wives Season 15 trailer, Kody says that just because they sold the Vegas homes doesn’t mean they have money… what?

That was the plan all along, sell the old homes and build the new ones. So, it’s the same old thing for the Sister Wives patriarch – lack of funds.

When the new season rolls out, it looks like the complaints department has five spouses from this plural marriage ready and waiting to go.

Check out the Sister Wives Season 15 premiere on Sunday, February 14 at 10 pm ET on TLC.

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