‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Flippant ‘Sweetie’ Goes Over Like Lead Balloon

Sister Wives star Kody Brown showed his true colors once again by referring to two different women as “sweetie” on Sunday night’s episode. To top it off, one of the women wasn’t his spouse. “Sweetie” didn’t seem like a romantic gesture on the patriarch’s part. Instead, it soundedT more condescending, as suggested on social media.

This all started when Christine Brown called their real estate person to the house in preparation for putting the property up for sale. Christine was soon corrected by Kody Brown for doing this too soon.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Fans Bite Back

Considering two of the Sister Wives spouses hadn’t been to Flagstaff yet, Kody Brown lets Christine know she’s jumped the gun. He flippantly calls Christine “sweetie” as he informs her she’s rushing things.

Christine already has Mona, their real estate agent there. Yet they’ve haven’t decided to move. Christine won’t wait for the last minute to put the house up for sale. But the Sister Wives patriarch of the family isn’t anywhere near ready to pull up stakes in Vegas. Or so he lets his wife know – along with the real estate agent.

Kody Brown Makes ‘Sweetie’ the Word of the Night?

Then Kody Brown seemingly sets out to take over the conversation on Sister Wives latest episode. He contradicts what Christine has to say and interrupts her mid-sentence a few times while she’s talking to Mona.

It wasn’t bad enough that Kody Brown used that condescending-like comment of “sweetie” when talking to Christine, he then uses it again. While talking into the Sister Wives camera he refers to the conflicting ideas coming from both him and Christine.

It seems she’s in a hurry to sell the house and he wants to wait.  Kody then says to the camera, “Mona sweetie if you’re confused it’s because we’re confused.”

The King Has Spoken – But No One Listens?

At one point during the Sister Wives episode, the patriarch refers to himself as the “king.” He tells the cameras that he may be the king but that doesn’t help when the wives are making up their minds over the move.

Kody once again makes it all about him on this week’s Sister Wives show. Especially when you check out all the things around the house with his name on display. Viewers took to social media to point out all the things they spotted that represent how the man of the house thinks of himself. Like a family tree and a wall plaque.

The Name Kody Brown is Everywhere

When Mona looks over the yard Kody Brown pointed out a slab of cement. It displayed all the names of the Sister Wives kids and adults. Instead of calling it the Brown family tree, Kody calls it the “Kody Brown family tree.”

Yes, this might seem insignificant but when it comes to Kody it’s just one more hint of how he looks at his family. Folks who watched Sister Wives  saw him pick up the plaque on the wall as well that says “Kody Brown Family.” One social media user points out that it should say – “The Brown Family”.

Marking His Territory

For as long as the Sister Wives reality show has graced the TV screens around the nation Kody is all about Kody. In a throwback clip shown during Sunday night’s show, the father of 18 runs their Vegas property before their homes are built.  As one commenter suggested, it’s like he was “marking his territory.”

Not to mention it was one way for Kody Brown to grab the attention and put himself in the spotlight during that episode almost eight years ago. Fans of Sister Wives took to social media after last night’s show. Some think it looks like he still thinks a lot of himself today as well.

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