‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Sparks Meltdowns After Romancing His Way to Flagstaff

Sister Wives star Kody Brown ignites several meltdowns within his family on the next episode. He might not have expected these reactions. It seems he gets his way after marching his wives off to Flagstaff one at a time. Kody romanced at least one of the Sister Wives to get them to agree to move, which is what he said he would do on last week’s show.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Spins Romantic Trips?

It looked strange him taking so many trips to Arizona to show his wives their options in Flagstaff. Especially when one trip among the four of them was all that was needed to see the property. But Kody Brown cleared that up for the audience last week during one of his camera confessionals.

On last Sunday’s Sister Wives, it was Christine’s turn to have Kody Brown all to herself for a few days. She is seen in the car asking her husband if he plans to make this her “best birthday ever”. Kody told the camera (out of earshot of his wives) that he planned to kill two birds with one stone on this trip.

Christine Brown Gets Two for One

Showing Christine a romantic getaway for her birthday might also work on getting her to agree to move to Flagstaff. He planned to create some sweet memories there so she might go along with his relocation plans.

Kody already whisked Robyn off to Flagstaff and she fell in love with a spot he picked out for the Brown family’s four new homes. So is it Kody’s plan to romance each wife individually to make this move a reality? That’s the way it looked on last week’s Sister Wives.

Will Kody Try to Sweep Meri Brown Off Her Feet?

This week, it’s Meri’s turn for a solo trip with the husband of four. He will show her the same places he showed Robyn and Christine. As far as romancing his first wife into saying yes, that remains to be seen. If what Sister Wives fans witnessed so far this season is any indication, romance might be a hard sell for Meri.

It looks like she feels emotionally detached and beat up these days by Kody Brown and his three other wives. Kody takes Meri on this jaunt into Flagstaff with hopes she’ll have the same positive reaction to the city as two of his four Sister Wives spouses already had. While he works on Meri, there might be one department of the Brown family he’s overlooked – the kids.

The Forgotten Population?

A good number of Kody Brown’s offspring aren’t kids anymore. The teens and young adults of the Brown brood won’t find anything romantic about a move away from Vegas, a place they’ve called home for the past several years.

On the next Sister Wives, the adults discuss the family’s move to Flagstaff with the kids. Last week’s episode highlighted Gabriel Brown’s reaction to the move. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes time for the other kids to learn about their pending new homes.

Kody Brown Sparks Meltdowns on Sister Wives

According to the Sister Wives spoilers for this Sunday’s episode, the Brown family faces several meltdowns over the move. While a long time ago, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn could pack some snacks, put the kids in the car and drive off to their new home. Not anymore.

The move from Utah to Vegas was almost eight years ago. In those eight years several of the Brown kids grew up and now they consider Vegas their home. It looks like the hard-sell to move won’t come from Kody Brown’s wives after all. It looks like the kids are the ones to buck their father’s new plan.

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