‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown in Rare Lip-Locked Passion Ahead of New Season [Video]

Sister Wives star Kody Brown partakes in some heavy romance with his wives in a few rare pics released as the new season nears. These images don’t depict Kody Brown and his wives today. But for some reason, TLC released these clips displaying some big-time romance in the promo for the new Sister Wives Season 14.

So what’s so rare about these snapshots? Veteran Sister Wives viewers know the answer to that. These go against the grain for the Sister Wives shared husband. He won’t show romance to Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown if there’s a chance another wife will see it.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Claims He Won’t Breed Jealousy

Kody Brown made it very clear early on in the reality show series that fans won’t see him in displays of affection with his four wives. Kody made this rule for himself to guard against sparking jealousy among his Sister Wives spouse.

If there’s a chance his wives would see him in a romantic scene with another wife, then he won’t do it. So it seems Kody Brown is void of romantic gestures on the reality show for this reason. It appears the Sister Wives celebs all watch the show. So if there’s any displays of romance with one wife, the other wives would end up seeing it even if they weren’t there at the time it happened.

But through the years romance squeezed its way onto the screen. It looks like these rare clips show those moments when Kody’s guard was down. Did TLC need to remind the fans that Kody Brown and his four wives once had that spark? After looking at the Sister Wives promo for season 14, maybe a reminder is needed.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Meri Brown - Janelle Brown - Christine Brown - Robyn Brown

TLC Give Fans Memories Because In New Season Relationships Unravel?

The promos for the new season shows how Kody has a few wives in tears. The members of this Sister Wives plural marriage also snap at one another.

Kody Brown is even seen raising his voice in a battle with Robyn Brown. That’s another rare sight as Robyn Brown is seen as Kody’s favorite wife by Sister Wives enthusiasts.

Each of these scenes with Kody and one of his women from Sister Wives seem to tell a story. In all the scenes with his wives but one, Kody Brown pulls his lady in for a kiss. Meri, Janelle, and Robyn look as if Kody is initiating the embrace and kiss.

Look at the picture with Christine Brown. Kody has his hands on his hips. He’s not pulling his third wife from Sister Wives in for the embrace. Christine has her arms by her side as well. Then look at the individual photos with Meri Brown and Janelle Brown kissing Kody.

While Kody Brown appears to initiate the kiss by pulling Janelle and Meri in for the lip-lock, they don’t extend their arms around him. Both women have their arms dangling at their sides. Maybe they’re stunned or maybe they’re not that interested?

Sister Wives: Fuel For the Favorite Wife Theory

Now take a look at the embrace between Robyn and Kody Brown. Both pull each other in for the embrace and kiss, in what looks like one of those long-embracing kisses you see on a movie screen.

Now, in fairness, you don’t know the circumstances surrounding each of these scenes. Did Kody surprise a few of his wives, who don’t have their arms extended to their husband?

Or does this add more fuel to the fire of fans seeing Robyn as Kody Brown’s favorite wife? Either way, these scenes don’t pop up often because Kody Brown makes it a hands-off Sister Wives world when the cameras roll.

Tune into season 14 of TLC’s Sister Wives when the two-hour preview starts on Sunday, January 5.

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