‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Piles It On – Takes Wives For a Ride in New Season?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown raises a lot of questions with his statements and behaviors in the clips rolling out promoting the new season. He claims he’s doing all of this for his family. But many fans beg to differ with Kody Brown’s take on this move to Flagstaff.

The Season 14 trailer for Sister Wives certainly offers enough odd statements from Kody Brown to stir up the show’s viewers. If for nothing else, Sister Wives enthusiasts will want to tune in to see some of the outcomes on these released scenes.

Sister Wives: Looks Like Kody Brown Sees Robyn Brown as Victim

For several seasons now on Sister Wives, many fans see Robyn Brown as Kody Brown’s favorite wife. Whether that’s the case or not, she certainly gets the lion’s share of housing in this new season. In one scene Robyn appears to defend Meri Brown from something Kody Brown said. It’s not known what that is but fans will find out when the new season begins.

Kody turns to his youngest Sister Wives spouse and yells at her. He is extremely animated in his movements as he tells Robyn Brown that she can’t deny she’s stuck with everyone’s “table scraps”. Robyn doesn’t appear to deny Kody’s statement.

From where fans sit, it appears it’s the other way around. It seems Robyn is taken care of first by Kody Brown, then the other wives get the leftovers. From recent reports, Kody Brown gives Robyn the majority of his time. Not to mention the biggest house, and the biggest section of that monster Sister Wives house he wants to build.

Sister Wives: Family Moving Day Flagstaff

Who Gets the Table Scraps – Looks Like Wife Number Two

So fans are bound to tune into Sister Wives Season 14 to see just what he means by “table scraps” for Robyn. If fans need proof of unfair housing allotments, they need to look no further than Janelle Brown’s rental home in Flagstaff.

Robyn and Kody Brown appear on the deed of a rural Flagstaff home which went for close to $1 million recently. It seems Kody moved her out of her original rental and purchased this home for Robyn.

When the Sister Wives next season begins, you get to see the family unloading at the first Flagstaff rental homes. Janelle’s house is not only small, but the neighbors live on top of one another. It looks like it’s only about five steps out of her front door to the street. She doesn’t seem to have a front lawn.

Looking at the close proximity of the houses around her home, it doesn’t appear as if she has a backyard to speak of as well. So why did Janelle land in a small cramped rental home with Robyn living the life of luxury in a wooded mansion?

This blasts Kody’s code of fairness out of the water. He often speaks of his fairness with pride.  He claims he is more than fair across the board when it comes to his four wives.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Solomon Brown - Gwendlyn Brown - Meri Brown

Sister Wives: The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow – Flagstaff

Probably the biggest inconsistency of them all is Kody’s promise that Flagstaff is just the place for his polygamous family. To get his Sister Wives family on board for this relocation, he painted a pretty Flagstaff picture.

Kody Brown said their money would go much further there. Then he tried to convince the family they’d have no problems due to their plural marriage.

Now, you can’t judge an entire city by a few disenchanted and rather nosy neighbors. But, as Sister Wives viewers see, the police were called on Meri and Kody the first night they moved in. While Kody and Meri were at Meri’s rental home alone the police responded to a neighbor’s call.

Meri Brown later explains this to her Sister Wives in another scene. Meri said the neighbor told them that nobody wants them there. It seems this is due to their polygamous lifestyle.

Kody Brown promised the move would help them financially. They’d have plenty of money there. The sale of their homes in Vegas would give them more than enough to buy better homes in Flagstaff.

But that went down the drain even before they left Vegas. The Sister Wives found out to build a house in Flagstaff was not a bargain as Kody first hinted to.

Sister Wives: Pick Your Own House

He even had the wives tour the model homes in Flagstaff before moving. Each wife got to pick out the home they liked. So when it was time to build, they had their individual houses picked out for Coyote Pass. But this is yet another one of Kody Brown’s big inconsistencies.

At the same time he led the wives to believe each wife got their own home, he had those secret blueprints drawn up for that one big house. In the Sister Wives new season previews, it looks as if the wives have no choice. It sounds like Kody considers the big house a must. It appears he believes it saves them from their financial problems.

So, to many fans online it looks as if Kody Brown duped his family with promises. He painted life in Flagstaff a bit differently than it turns out to be. It also seems to fans that the Sister Wives patriarch did this so his wives would agree to make this move. But now those promises fall by the wayside.

The new season clips seem to indicate the wives finally realize things couldn’t possibly pan out as Kody first promised. The wives cry, protest, show anger and put their foot down as Kody’s pretty Flagstaff painting starts to disintegrate.

Sister Wives new upcoming Season 14 premiere is only a few weeks away. It begins Sunday, January 5th on TLC.

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