‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Shades Kody – Looks Girly When He Plays With Hair?

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown looks like she’s feeling her oats these days as she shades Kody Brown and his mop of hair online. The once meek and over agreeable wife appears more self-confident today. Some viewers suggest she’s even become a bit bossy, not only to Kody but to her other Sister Wives spouses as well.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Playing With His Hair – A Girly Thing?

As you can see in the post below Robyn Brown claims that watching Kody Brown as he plays around with his hair reminds her of a teenage girl” – really? Then she hashtags it with “I worry”.

First of all, comparing your husband to a girl isn’t very romantic. Secondly, Robyn’s comment might have teenage girls everywhere looking in the mirror to make sure there’s no resemblance.

She goes on to say how Kody’s hair is “so long and wild” – most Sister Wives fans would agree she got that part right. When this new season first rolled out, it was like Kody Brown’s hair was an entity of its own. People even suggested that TLC give his wild coiffure a show of its own. While these suggestions were sarcastic, they drove home the point.

 Robyn Brown  – Term of Endearment or Throwing Shade?

What is Robyn Brown thinking? Was this a way to throw shade at his wild mane? Or was this her way of expressing how cute and endearing she finds Kody Brown and his hair. Think about it – she’s “watching” her husband play with his hair and the vision of a “teenage girl” comes to mind. That’s a mood killer for sure if there’s any romance in the air.

Not only have the Sister Wives viewers jumped online to tell Kody Brown that his hair looks insipid, but Kody also agreed. When this new season rolled out comments about his wild hair and man ban saturated social media sites. Kody Brown chimed in via Twitter to apologize and to warn fans his hair only gets worse as more episodes roll out. It looks like he was right!

The Fourth Wife Evolves

Robyn Brown is no longer that quiet fourth wife who sat back and watched the Sister Wives life unfold around her. It looks like she’s stepped up and put herself in the first wife’s place. Comments online suggest Robyn took over and she’s the one really calling all the shots for Kody Brown. Which means she’s calling the shots for the other wives as well.

On last Sunday’s episode, Kody got overwhelmed while talking about the cost of the move to Flagstaff. While at Coyote Pass he started to talk about the lack of money for the size houses the wives want.

And Evolves…

Robyn took a few steps forward and blasted Kody. Without saying the words she conveyed he needed to put a lid on what he was saying and go eat. Then the conversation swayed to Kody getting nourishment.

The other wives just stood quiet and still as Robyn Brown ended their trip for the day so Kody could eat. No one mentioned the dozen or so Sister Wives kids with them being hungry – for Robyn, it was all about Kody Brown.

Robyn Plays Role of Kody’s Wife, Mother, or Both?

The hair comment sounded like it came from a parent about a little kid. It’s certainly not something you’d expect a romantic partner to say. At one time it looked like the patriarch saw Robyn Brown as his romantic goddess.

Today it looks as if she’s graduated to a mother figure for the patriarch of this plural marriage.

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