‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Shamed as Christine’s Cat Pic Shows Messy Yard

Sister Wives star Kody Brown looks like he’s slacking as a picture of Christine Brown‘s cat turned out spotlighting a backyard mess. While Christine was showing off the acrobatic moves of her kitty on the roof, the camera’s lens caught a birds-eye view of the yard below. There’s a broken door on the grill with weeds growing all around it.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Becomes Main Topic of Kitty Picture

Christine explained how her cat crawled out the bedroom window but is safely back in thanks to her daughter Gwen Brown. While the cat was cute, the followers of Kody Brown’s third wife seemed to have more to say about her shared husband.

And he wasn’t anywhere near the roof or Christine Brown’s kitty. One Sister Wives fan wrote, “Wow, Kody needs to do some yard clean up and put the door back on the grill!”

It seems Christine was the only Sister Wives spouse who purchased a temporary home in Flagstaff instead of renting one. Or so earlier reports indicated. But you would think Kody would keep it up to par.

When the Coyote Pass homes or one big home is ready, Christine Brown will probably sell the house. So keeping it ship-shape is important in dollars and cents when it comes to an asking price. And with the size of Kody Brown’s family, he can use the money.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

What’s Up With the Weeds at Christine Brown’s House?

So why are the weeds popping through the brick patio and walkways? Seems three of the Sister Wives moms went into rental homes. But Christine couldn’t find a rental that allowed her to keep her animals. So she did what any responsible pet owner would do.

She found a way to get housing where her pets could come along. Apparently, due to Kody’s urgency to move, there wasn’t time to wait for a suitable rental to pop up. Christine did the next best thing – buy a home.

It doesn’t seem as if Kody has a job outside the house. So it appears he’d have plenty of time for yard work. All Christine tried to do was share a cute story and her backyard. But it became a bone of contention when it came to the Sister Wives patriarch’s work ethics.

To be fair, this is only one corner of Christine Brown’s yard. Possibly the rest of the place is landscaped neatly. But she posted the pic and the fans picked up on the messy appearance below in the yard.

Sister Wives: Cute Story Turns Into Shaming Papa Brown

It does look like the grass could use a good mowing. You can’t debate the weeds look a bit high in this Sister Wives backyard. Then there’s the barbecue grill that looks like it’s seen better days. A fan beckoned Kody Brown to fix the grill’s door.

Certainly Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Robyn Brown, as well as Christine Brown, all seem capable of doing yard work. So why would the Sister Wives comments point at Kody? Well, three of his four wives have a house full of kids. And since fans don’t know what Kody does all day they imagine he’s got lots of time on his hands.

Over Father’s Day weekend Kody tweeted that he changed a “blowout” diaper for Ariella Mae Brown. Then gave this little daughter of his a bath. Ari is also Robyn’s toddler so it appears Papa Brown gave Robyn a break on Father’s Day.

But maybe this is something Kody does daily for his little ones. Anyway judging by what he said, it looked as if he does help out. But when fans saw Christine’s yard they suggested he needed to help out a bit more.

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