‘Sister Wives’: Canceled or Renewed – Will Kody Brown Get Season 14?

Sister Wives fans anxiously wait to see if TLC brings Kody Brown and his four wives back for another season, which would be season 14. With so many changes going on with Kody Brown and his wives during Season 13, folks want to see what life is like for them in Flagstaff.

Sister Wives: Canceled or Renewed for Season 14?

This season’s trailer shows Kody Brown and all his wives talking about the move then heading to Flagstaff to pick out building lots. These scenes aired in recent episodes. The trailer cuts out the day the moving vans are packed and then rolling down the road with Kody Brown leading them to their new homes. These scenes have yet to air.

So many interesting things happened so far during Season 13 episodes. This pulls the viewers in on Sunday nights to watch Sister Wives. Many fans hope for yet another season to see where all these escapades lead them.

So is there another season of Kody Brown sharing the daily activities of his plural marriage on the drawing board? Fans need to see what ends up happening to his hair next season. This season Kody himself said his hair wasn’t looking so good.

SW: Will Kody Brown Negotiate with TLC Again?

Up to date information indicates that TLC has yet to cancel or renew Kody Brown and his Sister Wives show for Season 14. But if you look into the past, it may offer some hints.

It looked like TLC was ready to cancel Sister Wives after Season 11. The reason was simple – the ratings. Reports indicate that Kody Brown was desperate to keep the show on the air. He also believed he could once again pull the ratings in, so he negotiated with the TLC powers that be.

Sister Wives: Salary Vs Ratings

Kody was so sure he could bring in viewers that he made TLC a deal on salary. Instead of the $180,000 per season each adult in this plural marriage was paid he cut it down to one salary. He offered to do Sister Wives Season 12 for just one salary split between the five adults. Apparently, it worked as they went on to do Season 12 and now we’re watching Kody and his family in season 13.

So what did the ratings look like when TLC was ready to can Sister Wives? “TLC was less than impressed by the ratings,” reported In Touch Weekly.  It seems  Season 11 premiere only raked in 1.8 million, which “was not enough” for network producers.

Considering Kody Brown had the nation’s attention at one time with his polygamy lifestyle, can he do it again? At the height of their popularity, SW pulled in 2.5 million viewers. So compared to what today’s episodes pull in – this is a huge drop.

SW: Not Enough People Watching?

While Sister Wives is getting a lot of action via social media this season, what were the TV ratings? The most recent ratings available come from the week of March 3, 2019. Sister Wives came in number 10 out of the top 25 TV shows for Sunday night.

But the ratings showed only 1.5 million viewers. The week before that, on February 24, 2019, they were at number 12 out of the top 25 with 1.26 viewers. So it looks like Kody and his brood picked up a bit after that week.

Still, the reports indicate they faced cancellation after Season 11. And that’s when they were at 1.8 million views. They came in under that number in the last two recorded weeks posted. Hopefully the wedding last Sunday drove up those ratings for Kody Brown.

Sister Wives: Top Half Saving Grace for Kody Brown?

At least they are on the top half of the 25 shows that raked in the most viewers. So do Kody and his clan have a chance as the ratings are even lower when they last faced cancellation? Or will history repeat itself with Kody Brown vowing to bring the Sister Wives viewers in?

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