‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Campaign Speech Bombs – Watch Him Go Belly Up

Sister Wives star Kody Brown wants to run for office and “change the world,” or at least this is what he tells his audience with his first campaign speech. While the audience didn’t boo Kody Brown or throw rotten tomatoes his way, the negativity was loud and clear.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown – Belly Up on First Political Campaign Speech

If Kody Brown gets a chance to follow his latest notion to run for office he’ll need more support than his initial speech got him. Considering his dream entails the SW family moving to Utah, you can understand while his speech bombed. That’s because he delivered this first campaign talk to an audience consisting of his four wives.

The head of this plural marriage is dead serious with his delivery to his Sister Wives spouses about a Utah move. He is itching to get into office and fight the laws of polygamy in that state. He tells Meri, Janelle, Robyn, and Christine Brown if he can’t “bully the people in the legislature by getting into the legislature, what can I do.”

Kody Shares His Delusions of Grandeur

Here’s the thing, Kody Brown genuinely believes more people in that state love him than hate him. He also says he wants to move to Utah, run for politcal office, and get “control of his destiny.” He never mentions the destiny of his four wives or 18 kids. But it sure looks like he’s got his own all planned out.

It’s only when he admits he might be suffering from delusions of grandeur that he makes any sense. That is to his women on Sister Wives anyway.

Businesses Draining Family?

Kody Brown tells his wives that their businesses are costing them money and he sees the move as the answer to that. Considering that the Sister Wives women run businesses online, it seems rather hard to understand what he’s driving at.

The man with four wives gives no details as to why the SW family businesses are costing them money. Either way, Janelle pipes up and says she doesn’t care. She’s not about to pull her kids out of school now that they’ve been doing so well.

Sister Wives: Heels Dig In

Janelle doesn’t care if the family does lose equity. As long as it means they stay put and her kids continue on at the schools they attend now. The other wives share their negative thoughts about Kody’s idea as well.

While Kody Brown gives this speech to his Sister Wives co-stars about moving, he uses props to make his point. He has all his talking-points on white boards behind him. He looks like he’s giving a boardroom presentation to a bunch of disenchanted CEOs. Except, they aren’t CEOs, they’re Kody’s four wives. Check out the reaction in the clip below.

For Kody – It’s All About Me, Myself, and I

One more thing to take note of – this is all about Kody Brown. “Me,” “my,” “I,” and “me” again. These are the words this patriarch uses over and over again. It’s what “I want,” is made clear from the first minute he starts this presentation.

One thing is for sure, the Sister Wives he’s married to got a good laugh out of their husband’s impossible dream. Kody Brown is over-the-top adamant about moving and he hits four huge roadblocks. Namely Meri, Christine, Janelle, and Robyn.

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