‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s New In-Laws Give Polygamy a Bad Rap?

Sister Wives latest episode highlighted the wedding of Kody Brown‘s daughter but fans also spotted a face in the crowd from another TLC show. This conjured up all kinds of questions from the viewers about the polygamy lifestyle.

Many fans fell in love with Aspyn Brown and Mitch Thompson as they shared the start of lives together on Sister Wives. Mitch Thompson is fairly adamant that their marriage won’t include any other wives other than Aspyn Brown.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Raises Monogomous Minded Kids?

Although it sounds as if Aspyn shares that same sentiment she got flustered when talking about it on the show. She started off by saying, for now, it’s just the two of them. She then alluded to it might someday be a possibility but not for years to come. Finally, she back peddled and canceled the thought altogether – it’s not going to happen. That’s her final say.

You can’t blame the young woman for the confusion, after all, she needed to tread carefully. She’s the product of plural marriage and loving home, so she probably didn’t want to diss the idea too much. Maybe she attempted to spare feelings by not offering up a blatant “no”.

SW: New In-Laws for Brown Clan

While Mitch had only one mom growing up, others in his family practice polygamy. It seems you might even recognize Mitch’s sister from the TLC show that follows Sister Wives on Sunday nights, Seeking Sister Wife. Yep, Vanessa Aldridge from Seeking Sister Wife is Mitch’s sister.

It took a while for viewers to warm up to Kody Brown and Sister Wives show featuring his oversized family. Even today Kody gets his fair share of bashing online as a man with four women. But the wives, Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robin Brown seem to have many fans supporting them.

Sister Wives vs Seeking Sister Wife

Instead of comparing the four wives of Kody Brown, the new buzz online is Sister Wives vs Seeking Sister Wife. Critics find the newer show, Seeking Sister Wife, a different type of polygamy lifestyle. All the couples in Seeking Sister Wife practice some form of religion that allows plural marriage (except for the Snowdens). However, TLC is making SSW more risque and focusing on the sexual lifestyle and the bedroom.  It could be because the married men on the show are trying to find single women to date.

For the average viewer it comes across as a little creepy to watch a married man try to woo a girl (sometimes a much younger girl) in front of his wife.

Many Sister Wives fans are used to Kody Brown and his spouses, but seem uncomfortable with Seeking Sister Wife and the way it’s edited.

Does SSW Undo What Kody Brown Is Trying To Accomplish?

Through the many years of SW seasons, Kody Brown and his wives talked about friends and their plural marriages. Now that TLC gives their viewers a look at growing polygamous families, does it hurt the Sister Wives family? Especially now that it’s revealed one of the SSW cast members is one of the Brown’s new in-laws?

Jess Alldredge, from Seeking Sister Wife, is now one of Kody’s in-laws. There is a much different vibe watching Kody with his wives interact then watching Jeff trying to date a younger striking blonde woman.

Seeking Sister Wife Gives Sister Wives a Bad Rap?

Does this new show undo what Kody Brown and his family are trying to accomplish? Like getting folks to keep an open mind when it comes to this lifestyle? From what some of the viewers on social media have to say, they look at this new show as showing the gritty reality of plural marriage and what it takes to bring on board a new wife.

The trio of posts above reflects what many posts have to say about the SSW show. Will fans start to look at Kody Brown and his family’s lifestyle differently now that this new show emerged? There are plenty more comments where the ones above came from as well.

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