‘Sister Wives’: Kody Demands Meri Brown Fix Broken Relationships within Family – Who Are They?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown told Meri Brown she needed to fix relationships within the family before their relationship can go forward. Although, the shared husband still didn’t seem too invested in a relationship with his first wife. While Kody Brown said Meri had some work to do mending faces with other family members, viewers never found out just who they were.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Has Some Fixing to Do – Per Kody Brown

So it seems the original Sister Wives matriarch wasn’t in the best of standing with some of the family members. From what Kody said, it sounds like this also involves some of the children as well. So who is Meri on the outs with inside this plural marriage?

Kody Brown never mentioned any names but Meri did snap at all three of her co-wives in the Sister Wives episodes in the last few seasons. She even got short with Robyn Brown.

That’s odd because Meri seemed to take under her wing from the first day she joined the family. Kody Brown mentioned how the two of them forged a bond. These two co-wives were thick as real sisters.

Meri snapped at Janelle Brown when she talked about the houses in Vegas sitting for so long. This scene took place as the five Sister Wives adults sat around the table. They discussed how they were in dire straits and needed to drop the house prices.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Meri Brown

Janelle Brown Snapped At

Meri lit into Janelle when the second wife said the holidays were coming up, so it’s a bad time of year for selling homes. She didn’t see much happening until the spring. Meri took on an attitude and told Janelle that’s a stretch.

But there was once a time that Janelle packed up and left the Sister Wives family and it was due to tyrannical behavior on Meri’s part. Janelle explained how nothing she did seemed to sit right with Meri. She couldn’t fold Kody Brown’s clothes the right way or put the dishes away that met with Meri’s standards.

At the time, Janelle was married to Kody for eight years. Five of her six kids were already born when she moved in with her mother. But Janelle worked hard and saved the money to buy her own home.

While Janelle remained on her own for more than two years, she did go back. But she left due to an all-out battle with Meri at the time. Janelle explained just how bad it was for her with Meri in the book Becoming Sister Wives that they all wrote together.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Sister Wives: That’s Not All the Harm – There’s More

Then, of course, Christine Brown made it clear to Meri Brown in the season before this last one that she makes her uncomfortable.

Christine said her co-wife brings too much baggage into the room with her. This was right after Meri missed Maddie Brown Brush give birth to Axel Brush. Now, in this last season, she missed Evie Brush’s birth as well. So it’s easy to assume that Christine and Meri Brown had some work to do on their Sister Wives relationship.

Meri had issues with her only biological child, Mariah Brown in the last several seasons. But they appeared to have worked through it. Although sometimes residual effects of the Sister Wives mother-daughter fall-out still pop up.

You don’t get to see Meri interact with the other Sister Wives kids too much. So it’s tough to point a finger at one of the kids who might have a problem with this Sister Wives mother. But – there’s Maddie. Meri didn’t make it to either of the births of Maddie’s kids.

Sister Wives: Maddie Brown Brush Tweets

Big Blow Out With Step-Daughter?

A couple of years back Maddie and Meri appeared to spar on social media. It started when this Sister Wives mom reprimanded someone, who she didn’t name on her site. This person worked for her apparently, selling the LuLaRoe clothing line.

Again, Meri Brown didn’t name the person she aimed her complaint at. But the fans thought she targeted one of the members of the Sister Wives family.

Meri laid into that person by saying LuLaRoe is not a hobby, it’s a serious career. Apparently the person she went after was slacking off. But that probably wasn’t the place to post a reprimand as she said some rather negative things.

No one assumed it was Maddie Brown Brush. That is until Maddie hopped online immediately following Meri’s post. She preceded to rip into someone in an extremely harsh manner. Like, Meri, Maddie didn’t name her Sister Wives target.

But the fans believed Maddie went after her Sister Wives step-mother, Meri Brown. As you see in the posts above, Maddie thought this person was a “monster” and an “abusive human being”.

So, if you think about it and take past rivalries into consideration, Meri Brown might have more than a few fences to mend within the family. It seems she has quite the history of battles within the Brown plural marriage.

But Kody Brown just wants those fences mended, he didn’t need to mention names. His first wife seemed to get his drift when he talked about the stipulation of fixing relationships. Or at least she seemed to know who Kody was talking about.

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