‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Past Wife-Recruiting Tactics Slammed By Christine

Sister Wives star Kody Brown doesn’t go out looking for new wives but it appears one of his wives does harbor some recruiting tactics. It looks like these tactics laid dormant for the past few years. But there was once a time Christine Brown slammed her co-wife for putting out her feelers for a fifth wife.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Wife-Hunting Protocol

For almost a decade now, the Sister Wives family graced many TV screens across the nation. Unless you are a die-hard veteran viewer of this TLC reality series then there are probably a few things you might have missed from years ago.

One of the questions that keep popping up has to do with the probability of Kody Brown taking on a fifth wife. Sister Wives rumors have been around for years that suggest Kody Brown is in the market for wife number five. But according to the Sister Wives protocol, it wouldn’t be Kody doing the wife-shopping if that were the case.

It was Meri Brown who introduced Kody to Robyn Brown as Meri thought Robyn would make a great fourth sister wife for their family. And… it looks like Christine Brown never forgot that.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Christine Brown - Kody Brown - Robyn Brown - Meri Brown

Christine Brown Is Major Wife-Shopping Roadblock?

A few years after Robyn joined the family, Meri Brown met another woman. She liked this lady and she also made sure to remind Kody that this lady is “cute”. She presented the woman, Natalee, to Kody Brown that way. Kody seemed to think Meri had her wife recruiter hat on at the time. Meri swore that she didn’t, but then she caught the wrath of Christine Brown.

Christine said that Meri is insane and needs to be reigned-in but Christine said it in a half-kidding way. She turned to Robyn and said that “I’m glad she got you but she needs to be done bringing in those women”.

It looks like Janelle Brown has a different take on Meri’s infatuation with recruiting wives. She said that she thinks when Meri meets a friend she likes, she immediately starts to think about making them one of their Sister Wives.

It sounds as if Janelle sees Meri Brown collecting girlfriends for herself by offering them up to Kody Brown so he can marry them into the family.

Sister Wives: Flashback to Meri Brown Finding Robyn Brown

Then, of course, Kody Brown chimed in and said he had no interest in dating another woman. He had no interest in bringing on another Sister Wives woman. Meri remained adamant that she wasn’t hinting to Kody.

She didn’t want her shared-husband to take a look at Natalee for membership in their plural marriage. But Kody and her co-wives weren’t all that sure.

When Meri suggested Natalee was cute this acted as a flashback for the Sister Wives patriarch. Kody told Meri it sounds like the same thing she said about Robyn. It looks like Kody recognized Meri Brown’s recruiting method because she’s used it on him before.

But if Kody Brown thinks he’ll ever get another wife past his Sister Wives spouses and to the altar, he should probably think again. While Meri Brown might be the recruiting wife, Christine Brown looks like the obstacle wife. If Christine doesn’t want a fifth wife on board, then that’s it.

The much anticipate Sister Wives Season 14 returns on Sunday, January 5, 2020, on TLC.

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