‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Shares Conquest Trophy – ‘Seeing Me’ in Kody’s Shirt?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown gushes over her shared husband Kody Brown in a recent social media post after seeing herself on this week’s episode. Christine started her post off with “I know this doesn’t matter but”… then she went on with her observation.

Unfortunately for Christine Brown, some of her fans agreed with her. They posted comments like “you’re right it doesn’t matter”.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown In the Orbit of Kody Brown

The third wife of the Sister Wives clan, Christine Brown, can’t hide her overwhelming desire to be in Kody’s orbit. It seems she jumps at every chance she gets to be near her shared husband.

So, it’s no secret that Christine is still smitten with Kody Brown. She’s probably as crazy about him today as she was when first marrying into this polygamous marriage.

On one of the last episodes this season, Christine Brown couldn’t cover up her enthusiasm when she got Kody for the night. Kody explained to the Sister Wives audience how his bedtime schedule works in different situations.

Christine Brown said that when he or one of his Sister Wives is away for several days, the schedule changes. The first night they return, he spends that night in her bedroom.

It sounded as if it is his way of celebrating their homecoming. For Christine, this meant she’d spend a night without Kody in North Carolina. He hadn’t seen Janelle in some time as she’s been in NC with Maddie. But maybe not…

 Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Kody Brown

Polygamy Perk – Night By Default

So, when the leader of the family arrived in North Carolina, Janelle had been at Maddie’s house and away from Kody for over a while. That meant it was her turn to stay with  Kody overnight. But an overwhelmed and exhausted Janelle opted to give that up in lieu of a good night’s sleep.

The only other wife there with Kody was Christine. Apparently, she won by default and Kody spent the night with her. Christine looked into the Sister Wives camera and called this a perk of polygamy. She couldn’t hide her happiness as she walked out the door with Kody.

So, while fans agreed with Christine Brown that her post didn’t matter, it sounded like it did to her. It looks like she might have had a hidden agenda in this post.

Apparently while watching Sunday night’s Sister Wives episode, Kody’s shirt reminded Christine Brown of something. She said that she didn’t have any clothes to wear while at Maddie’s because they didn’t expect her to give birth that soon.

Christine Brown stayed longer than she planned once the baby was born. And she got a bonus night thanks to Janelle’s exhaustion.

Sister Wives: Gushes Over the Man or His Shirt?

With Christine having nothing to wear, it sounds as if she borrowed a shirt from Kody. So it seems when she saw herself in Kody’s shirt during the last episode of the season, she wrote how it reminded her how she had no clothes to wear. But some fans read between the lines.

Christine Brown’s post first came off as rather boring for the Sister Wives fans. But it sounds like this was more than a trip down memory lane for this Sister Wives spouse. Maybe she used this chance to give a little jab to the two wives who stayed behind, Meri Brown and Robyn Brown.

At the time Kody Brown was on the outs with both Robyn and Meri. Sister Wives viewers watched as Kody Brown seemed to belittle Meri during a session with their therapist. Robyn was still reeling over buying a house and still snippy with Kody Brown on camera.

Christine was also on Kody’s list of wives who have done him wrong at the time. It is because of her the big house was nixed. So maybe this was her way of letting the other wives know they’ve made up and she’s sharing this conquest.

So while the Sister Wives followers found this post rather ho-hum, it looks like Christine Brown gushed over wearing Kody’s shirt. It also appears she made sure her co-wives knew that she slipped on their shared husband’s shirt after getting him all to herself that night in North Carolina.

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