‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Can Finally Hear Kody Knock on Her Bedroom Door?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown lacks something very near and dear to her at home. So, as the nation stays put, she and Kody Brown ventured out to get it. Christine seems to cherish her time alone with Kody.

This Sister Wives spouse, Christine Brown, appears to look forward to that time alone with her Kody almost as much as she looks forward to family time.

If you had to guess which wife seems to romantically fancy her Sister Wives husband the most after 25-plus years of plural marriage, you might point to Christine Brown. That’s only because she doesn’t hide her infatuation for Kody Brown on the TLC reality series.

Sister Wives: Does Christine Brown Live Without Privacy?

In the last couple of Sister Wive seasons, Christine Brown approached her shared husband a few times for a hug. But Kody Brown still practices his rule of no romantic gestures with one wife if the others might see this. That rule is probably why even when Kody is alone with Christine on camera, he pulls away from her advances.

Even if the other wives aren’t there at the time Christine corners Kody, they will see the episode. So, it looks like Kody Brown leaves the romantic stuff for the time he spends behind Sister Wives’ closed bedroom doors.

Speaking of bedroom doors, Christine Brown has owned her Flagstaff house now for close to two years and her bedroom doesn’t have a door. She said in a recent interview that her entire upstairs is a loft so there’s no door closing off her bedroom.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Kody Brown

Kody Brown Gets Odd 26th Anniversary Present for Christine?

Apparently, Christine got her wish for her 26th wedding anniversary. It seems Kody came over and took her to the local hardware store to shop for that door. But safety first. So, Christine described how the two Sister Wives celebs practiced social distancing while out in the public.

The store didn’t have what they wanted, for the room she calls “our bedroom”. So, this Sister Wives couple ordered the door, which will get there sometime in the future.

With a slew of kids in the house and no bedroom door, this has to be an awkward situation. It’s not as if Christine’s kids are babies and in bed as soon as it turns dark. She has a few teens in the house and teenagers tend to be night owls. This has to put a damper on nighttime activities for the couple. Maybe – proceed with caution?

Rumors swirled online for months that Kody Brown settled down with Robyn Brown. Some fans were under the impression that he considers the other Sister Wives ladies only members of his family. That online chatter also puts the Sister Wives patriarch with Robyn and only Robyn romantically.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

Sister Wives: What Does This Look Like?

So, what does it say now that Christine Brown shared she’s without a door in her bedroom? Either the romance is non-existent these days or her loft bedroom is far enough removed from the rest of the family so their alone time isn’t overheard.

Then there’s always the possibility they rekindled their romantic relationship. If so, then maybe they’re finally getting all the ducks in a row for privacy.

Kody was awfully mad that Christine nixed his one big Sister Wives house. On one of the last episodes, she told the producer on camera about how Kody still harbors anger over this.

This couple from Sister Wives headed out as the nation practices the government’s request to stay-at-home. So, it had to be important for Christine. Most people adhere to this request and only venture out in public for urgent reasons. Maybe this was urgent for the third Sister Wives wife? Or even possibly Kody Brown?

Watch the Brown family in action as another new episode rolls out Sunday night on TLC at 10 pm EST.

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