‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Shocks Fans – Takes Down Creepy Santa Video

Sister Wives star Christine Brown has a tendency to push the envelope but her latest deed posted in a video rattled fans of the TLC series. Christine is the third wife to enter this plural marriage with Kody Brown. She’s also the wife who fans suggest craves more of Kody’s attention than the other three wives while on the screen.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Drops Jaws

Christine Brown also seems to have a tendency to go a bit too far when voicing her opinion at times. During the last season of the Sister Wives show, she demonstrated this a few times. Especially when it came to her co-wife, Meri Brown. Christine was “brutally honest” with her feelings towards Meri and many fans deemed this as just plain mean.

As a mom, many might say Christine is the Sister Wives celeb most likely to be voted the Kool-Aid mom out of the bunch. She spends a good deal of time doing fun things with her kids. But some fans feel she also has a hard time drawing that line between parenting and being that best buddy to her children.

One of Christine’s latest posts not only raised eyebrows but it raised a bit of anger as well from fans online. Sister Wives viewers gather together in groups online and they discuss the coming and goings of the Brown clan.

Groups offer a place to scratch your head out loud. Especially after seeing something confusing, outrageous, or just plain controversial from the Brown family celebs. It’s also a place to praise something you’ve seen about the family online or while watching the Sister Wives series. It wasn’t praise handed out to Christine Brown this time around.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

Fans Go After Third Wife of Kody Brown

Christine Brown is no stranger to controversy. She’s verbally attacked Meri Brown in the past as the Sister Wives cameras rolled. She called it just being honest, Meri told her at the time it came off a bit harsh. But this time around Christine posted a video that probably shouldn’t have been shared or even filmed for that matter.

This week Sister Wives mom, Christine Brown, conjured up confusion for something she did. Many fans who weighed in think it was outrageous as well. So, once again Kody Brown’s third wife has started a controversy online. Christine posted an Instagram Story video, which has since come down. So fans can no longer see how this played out.

The screenshots below come off of that video, where Christine was at a restaurant across the table from two of her daughters. The video shows Truely Brown, 9, and Mykelti Brown Padron, 23, as they eat lunch with mom. At the same time, they also discuss little Truely just coming from her visit with Santa.

It appears Christine films the video as her two daughters have a conversation about Santa. But some fans believe this conversation should have come to an immediate halt once Christine saw where it was going.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Mykelti Brown - Truely Brown

Sister Wives: Mykelti Brown Padron Paints Santa as Creepy for Truely Brown

While the Sister Wives mother had lunch with her adult daughter and her youngest daughter a conversation popped up that might curl your toes. First of all, there’s Truely Brown. Her bright-eyed outlook can’t be squashed. She feels the joy of the holiday season after she sat on Santa’s lap.

But it looks like her big sister Mykelti Brown attempts to cast a shadow over that moment. She turns to her little sister and asks if she thinks it’s ok to sit on this old man’s lap. Then their Sister Wives mommy started to protest over what Mykelti was saying. But… she never stopped taping as her adult daughter continued to bait Truely.

Mykelti Brown Padron turned to Truely Brown and said that she thought it was creepy that Santa watches kids sleeping then asks them to sit on their laps. Truely didn’t grasp the direction her sister was taking this but she did defend Santa. This popular 9-year-old from Sister Wives said it’s okay because he’s Santa.

Christine Brown Not Embarrassed?

The Sister Wives mother protested Mykelti’s words about Santa aimed at Truely Brown. She’s heard saying that she’s going to have to post a “disclaimer” when she puts this video online. So it sounded as if Christine Brown planned to post this clip while she taped it.

Children sitting on Santa’s lap is a controversial topic among some people today. But Sister Wives followers suggest this wasn’t the time or place for this conversation. Fans didn’t think painting Santa as “creepy” was appropriate with a child who’s happy after just seeing Santa.

As one Sister Wives follower suggested in a comment above, Mykelti Brown basically made Santa out as a “sex offender” during her spiel. But instead of this acting as an embarrassment to mom Christine Brown, she shares the video online.

Sister Wives: Video Gone But Not Forgotten

While the video disappeared, the chatter still remains strong from the Sister Wives enthusiasts who happened to see it. Thankfully it didn’t look as though Truely Brown got the full meaning of her Sister’s comments about Santa. But she did hear Mykelti Brown call him out as “creepy”.  Then to top it off, this interaction with the 9-year-old is posted online for anyone to see. What was Christine thinking?

Several of the comments posted above seem to suggest Christine Brown wasn’t thinking when she posted the video. Fans seemed furious that this mom would allow the conversation to go on. Then to add insult to injury she taped it and shared the video online as well.

Fans will soon get to see more of Christine antics as the new season is on its way. Sister Wives watchers get to see all the family members belonging to this plural marriage for another season on TLC.

TLC rolls out the premiere of Sister Wives Season 14 on Sunday night January 5, 2020.

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