‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Shares Disturbing Video – Did She Mistakenly Post This?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown posted a video that some fans may find disturbing, especially after Christine herself suggests it went too far. Because of the subject matter in the video (one of) Kody Brown’s wife Christine says kids can’t watch this. She also says she’s going to put a disclaimer on the video that it’s not for kids.

This Sister Wives mom, Christine Brown, also claims that what is said in this clip might not sit well with people. Then Kody Brown’s spouse posts this video to her Instagram stories. But why would she share this? Especially after you hear her on the clip sounding disgusted over what she was hearing.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown and Her Generic Outing Turns Weird

It seems Christine Brown is at an expo this weekend selling her LuLaRoe wares. Two of her daughters accompany their mom, Truely Brown and Mykelti Brown Pardon. They seem to have a good time at first. Then the video cuts out and the Sister Wives trio moves to a different location.

Now they sit down to lunch or dinner. So far, everything looks pretty generic as Christine Brown videos Truely and Mykelti from across the table. But then the conversation goes off into a rather risque subject matter. It’s not something you might expect from any of the Sister Wives. Especially around a child Truely’s age.

So, Christine videos Mykelti, 23, talking to her little sister, Truely, 9, about just coming from visiting Santa. The little girl, who is popular on Sister Wives, is all bright eyes and smiles after talking with Santa until her sister chirps in.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Mykelti Brown - Truely Brown

Sitting On Santa Claus’ Lap is Creepy at Her Age?

Mykelti asks Truely, “How is sitting on Santa’s lap today?” The younger Sister Wives daughter answers her big sister by saying – “It’s pretty fun.” While it sounds like a nice sister-to-sister chat, it goes downhill quickly.

Mykelti turns to her 9-year-old sister and asks if she enjoys sitting on this old man’s lap? Then Mykelti said, “My question is – I think it’s creepy – he watches you as you sleep and then asks you to sit on their lap”.

While you don’t see Christine Brown on the video you know that it is this Sister Wives mother behind the camera. She is heard saying to her older daughter, “You are just too much – you will rock people’s world”.

Christine didn’t seem to mean that in a good way, as it sounds like there’s some distress in the Sister Wives third wife’s voice. Then the mom says, She has to put a disclaimer on this video as – ” Kids can’t watch this”. But she didn’t, this clip jumps up without any warning on her Instagram page.

Little Truely, although looking confused, sticks up for Santa. She thinks everything between her and Santa is fine. He can watch her sleep and she sits on his lap because he’s Santa, the little girl tells Mykelti. Then Christine Brown sounds like she’s mad. This Sister Wives spouse sounds a bit perturbed when she says, “Ok – no kid.” Then the video immediately cuts off.

Sister Wives: What Was Christine Thinking By Sharing Video?

Christine Brown is all about her kids and the rest of the Sister Wives brood. She’s probably the most likely to be voted the Kool-Aid mom out of the Sister Wives moms. So after a decade of watching the Kody Brown’s third wife in action with all the kids, it’s hard to believe she’d share this video.

The first part of the Instagram story is nice and maybe that’s what Christine Brown intended to share? Did Christine not realize that she posted the second half to her Sister Wives Instagram as well? Although she did say on the video she needed to post a disclaimer. This sounded as if she intended to share it at the time.

The age-old tradition of allowing kids to sit on Santa’s lap does meet with controversy today. Some people think it promotes sitting on a stranger’s lap. But that’s not a talk you’d have with a 9-year-old. Especially when they feel the magic of just coming back from visiting Santa.

Did Christine Brown drop the ball on this one or does that video serve some purpose?

Sister Wives returns to TLC with Season 14 on Sunday night January 5, 2020.

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