‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Poses With Hunk in Photo – Swipe at Kody Brown or New Season Clue?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown‘s latest pic might be an attempt to ignite a spark of jealousy in Kody Brown but it also offers a clue. Fans of the TLC reality show watched as Christine attempted to woo her shared husband last season.

But today Christine Brown posted a photo of herself with a handsome guy. Then she thanks him for something that might make Kody Brown take notice.

The other wives from the Sister Wives clan seemed to respect Kody’s wishes when it came to not showing affection in public. Christine Brown didn’t seem to care at times when making a move towards Kody Brown. He even backed away from Christine Brown as she moved in for a hug with the cameras rolling.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Pushes the Envelope on Kody Brown Rules?

Kody Brown discussed how he respects the feelings of his four wives. He said this several time throughout the decade of the Sister Wives seasons. So he doesn’t show romantic affection to one wife if there’s a chance any of the other three will witness it.

Some Sister Wives followers believe that Christine’s weight loss was an attempt to make herself more appealing to Kody Brown. Unlike the other wives last season, Christine Brown became animated when Kody Brown entered the room. She seemed to have a need for her shared husband to notice her.

Today Christine posted a photo of herself with a very handsome man beside her. From what Christine Brown’s caption and hashtags reveal, “Dougmon,” which is probably her nickname for the guy, is a cameraman. So his name is probably Doug and it looks like he films the Sister Wives reality show for TLC.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

 Stir a Bit of Jealousy?

Christine indicates on this post that they’ve been friends for years. The post looks like a shout-out for his birthday. “Happy Birthday Dougmon” is what Christine Brown writes on the post. Christine recalls Doug filming the day they brought Truely Brown home for the first time. She also gives thanks to him for taking such good care of their family through the years.

So, is this a little jab at the Sister Wives patriarch? This is one handsome guy and Christine thanks him for how he cares for their family. It looks as if Christine might share a special friendship with Doug.

Christine, or any of the other Sister Wives spouses for that matter, haven’t thanked Kody online lately for taking such good care of the family. So maybe or maybe not Christine Brown posted this pic as a little jab at her shared husband. Did she have a hidden agenda attempting to get that spark of jealousy going in Kody Brown?



Sister Wives: Photo Tells Another Story?

Either way, that photo offered something else as well. Earlier in the summer reports surfaced that the Sister Wives were filming Season 14. News media in Chicago reported that cameras followed the Brown family while in the Windy City. The Brown brood was there visiting Meri Brown’s daughter, Mariah Brown.

Then around the same time, two of the older Sister Wives kids seem to confirm another season is on the way. Just recently eyewitnesses put moving-like trucks parked on the Brown family’s Coyote Pass land. Some fans suggested the vehicles might belong to the TLC production crew.

Despite all these sightings and comments from the kids, there’s no official word offered from TLC. They still haven’t said whether the show is renewed or canceled. Now Christine Brown surfaces in this latest pic with a cameraman from the Sister Wives show.

One Huge Clue – Cameraman Is There?

This photo seems to offer a huge clue that a new season is in the works. It appears that Christine and the Sister Wives cameraman stood on the Coyote Pass property when this picture was snapped. Previous pictures posted by the family of Coyote Pass show that mountain in the background.

While Christine Brown’s posted photos of herself standing overlooking her view at her temporary home in Flagstaff, the background is different in this new pic. So it looks as if Christine and Doug stand on the Coyote Pass land sanctioned to be the permanent home of the Sister Wives tribe.

They say every picture tells a story and it’s also worth a thousand words. But just what is this photo of Christine Brown and the cameraman really saying?

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