‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Caught – Video Proves Meri Didn’t Manipulate Marriage?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown has his own words come back to bite him today after a retro video suggests Meri never tricked him into marriage. Fans of the TLC series watched last season as Kody degraded Meri Brown by claiming she manipulated him into tying the knot.

But a little less than a decade ago he sang a completely different tune. Kody even gushed over his loving courtship with the first Sister Wives in his tribe. So does the sudden change in stories have anything to do with ratings?

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Drags Meri Brown Through Mud

During the last season, Kody Brown also said that he didn’t know Meri for very long before marrying her. He claimed it wasn’t long enough for him to realize his first Sister Wives bride was not who she pretended to be.

This video from seasons back might just drop your jaw. Especially if you got to see Kody in action slamming Meri Brown in the therapist’s office on this past season. No wonder Meri sat in marriage counseling looking extremely stunned.

She said to the Sister Wives cameras that she had no idea where this was coming from. She looked like a deer caught in the headlights as Kody aimed one insult after another Meri’s way.

Once you check out this retro video you can see that Meri didn’t have a clue as to the foundation of Kody’s accusations in the last season.  He certainly changed his tune. He went from blushing to the story of their initial romance to shredding every last morsel of their relationship.

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Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Meri Brown

Papa Brown Gushes Over His Dating Days With Meri

Season 14 ended in a horrific segment for Meri Brown. Kody Brown pretty much denounced his marriage to his first wife starting from the time they dated. He didn’t even try to do it gently by saying they had a few good years together as husband and wife.

Then this video from 2012 surfaces that filmed during the early days of Sister Wives. Meri Brown knew Kody for 22 years at the time they shared the stories of their courting days n this video.

Meri admits she had a crush on Kody Brown. While Kody was infatuated by Meri, he wasn’t looking for anything but friendship at first. But that was soon to change.

While friendship wasn’t all that Meri wanted out of this relationship, she respected Kody’s thoughts. They spent a ton of time together and while Kody got to know his young girlfriend, something changed. But from what Kody says in the 2012 video, it wasn’t the result of manipulation on Meri’s part that brought on that change.

After knowing each other for 22 years in this video, Kody had nothing but wonderful things to say about meeting and marrying Meri.  Now several years later he claims he always felt he was tricked into this marriage with Meri. Something seems off a bit, or is this a ploy for ratings?

Sister Wives: Was Trashing His Marriage All About Ratings?

Kody said he could see a future with Meri. He even made the first pass at his future wife while out with a group of friends on a cold night. The man who would go on to have 18 kids talks about taking Meri’s cold hand.

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He tells the story of taking her hand and while holding it, he placed it inside his trench coat pocket. Kody’s happiness as he talks about his dating days with Meri lights up his face.

The star of the Sister Wives show knows ratings will dictate whether another season films or not. Kody Brown is all business so if he wants to keep the ratings, the show needs to supply drama.

That scene in marriage counseling certainly spun the drama. He said If he knew the real Meri Brown he would have never married her. So this caught the viewers’ attention. It also made for an enticing preview for the season as it aired.

This last Sister Wives season hovered around the number 9 spot on the list of the Top 150 Original Cable Telecasts ratings for Sunday night. So, whatever Kody Brown and his family did, it worked.

But did he push embarrassing accusations Meri’s way and makes a mockery their marriage to capture ratings? Back eight years ago Kody told an endearing story of how the two met and fell in love. Now that story morphed into Kody being a victim of a manipulating woman. Was the scene in the therapist offices spun for ratings?

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