‘Sister Wives’: Is Meri Keeping Kody’s ‘Super Husband’ Reputation Afloat?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown looks like an independent woman today but there’s one attachment to Kody Brown she might find hard to sever. She is a superstar earner in the LuLaRoe world and she does this on her own. But Kody Brown and the other wives don’t seem to have the same financial security as Meri Brown.

So how does this add up for Kody Brown’s family finance pool? While the amount of money her online sales brings in is unknown, it looks like she’s one of the top earners at LuLaRoe. The company rewards top sales associates with trips. This also includes luxury cruises. Since the Sister Wives matriarch enjoys these perks, it suggests Meri Brown is at the top of her sales game.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Family Salary

First, take a look at the Sister Wives reality show as far as reports on income. These reports indicate TLC puts aside a percentage of their reality show budget to pay the family’s salary.

So, TLC pays about 10 percent of a show’s budget per-episode to the Sister Wives family’s salary. Reportedly, the network’s estimated budget ranges from $250,000 to $400,000 per Sister Wives episode.

The show aired for 13 seasons between 2010 and 2019. Estimates put Kody Brown and the rest of the family’s combined earnings at approximately $375,000 each year.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Those Dollars Need to Stretch

A family of four could live on easy street with that salary. But a family of almost two dozen people is another story. Last season alone it looked as if at least four of the Brown children were enrolled in college. Now with more Sister Wives kids on the cusp of turning college-age, the bills only get larger.

Then, there are the three lavish weddings Kody Brown paid for over the last few years. On top of all this, throw in the living expenses for four separate homes. Not to mention cars for everyone who’s reached the age for driving.

Reports this week have Kody Brown and Robyn Brown purchasing a $900,000 luxury home in rural Flagstaff. That’s on top of the chunk of Flagstaff property they recently purchased for $820,000 and that still sits vacant at Coyote Pass.

So, there’s no doubt about it, the family spends a lot of money on both necessities and luxury. But, the big mystery question remains the same for viewers through season after season of Sister Wives. Where does all the money come from?

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Sister Wives: Life is One Big Commercial for Promoting Products Today

The Sister Wives family members all seem to promote products on their individual online accounts. But that may only add a drop in the bucket towards expenses. Then there’s Meri doing her sales gig online and promoting sales nationwide in her travels.

But the Sister Wives patriarch and his fourth wife Robyn Brown remain silent on their social media accounts lately. Robyn stopped posting back in March. She also closed her online store, My Sister Wife’s Closet. For months when you open her site, it offers a message that they’re updating. They no longer take merchandise orders online.

Kody popped up a few times but you could count those posts using the fingers on one hand. So there’s no hint coming from either one of these two about work they may do outside the Sister Wives show – if any.

Meri Brown Keeps Family Afloat?

So, judging by the family’s online posts, Meri Brown seems to be the only one raking in money right now. She also has Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, which is an award-winning Bed and Breakfast. Kody and his Sister Wives spouses stated a few times on the show that they pool their money into one family account.

With the last season wrapping filming about a year ago, it looks like they’ve been a while without the Sister Wives salary. So, Meri Brown may bring in the lion’s share of the money these days. That is unless there’s another business secretly raking in the dough. So is Meri keeping the Brown tribe afloat these days?

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