‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Humbles Herself after Damaging Reveal?

Sister Wives celeb Meri Brown is at it again and this time it sounds like she’s saying I love you to someone who won’t say it back. But it doesn’t end there. This Sister Wives star’s latest shoutout to fans is filled with her ideas on how to handle things in life.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Rattled Fans

Once again, Meri Brown the Sister Wives star doesn’t name names. Although, she gives people plenty of fuel to make assumptions. She talks about how it’s okay to tell someone that you love them even if they don’t feel the same.

If she’s referring to someone in her own life, she’s not saying who. But she rattled Sister Wives enthusiasts recently when she came out of nowhere in a photo with Kody Brown declaring that she loved this man. She also made a stand that she’s going nowhere, she’s staying with the family.

After what the Sister Wives viewers witnessed in the last season, they couldn’t understand what Meri Brown was thinking. Kody put his first bride down and declared she tricked him into marriage.

He claimed she was manipulative, along with many other less-than-stellar traits. So, fans thought this was finally it. From what she had to say after that it sounded as if Meri woke up and she decided to leave. But that wasn’t the case.

Followers of the Sister Wives matriarch went as far as speculating Meri’s “I love this man” confession doomed the show. Some consider that photo and her reveal damaged the show’s storyline. So, is the humble approach now the way to pick up the pieces?

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Meri Brown

So, Meri Goes Humble?

The suggestion to say I love you to someone who doesn’t love you back sounds ludicrous to some of the Sister Wives watchers. It’s almost like an exercise in self-harm. No matter what level of humble you decide to live by, saying I love you when it’s not coming back at you has to hurt.

Sister Wives followers suggest this sets you up for rejection. Meri Brown started her long New Years’ message examining the saying “what if?’ This is something many people ponder at least once in their lives.

What if I did this instead of that, would life be different today? Meri says yes but each of those decisions and each change of direction brings you to who you are today. So, here she is and it appears as if she’s taking some of the blame for what’s gone wrong in her own Sister Wives life.

Ma and Pa Brown Out for a ride

Sister Wives: Switches Shame and Blame?

So far Meri Brown paints her Sister Wives journey over the past few years for her followers as a confusing one. First, she felt slighted, unloved, and unappreciated. Not only by Kody Brown but by her family as well.  She seemed to have one foot out the door of her Sister Wives relationship. Or at least that’s how fans saw it.

Then… boom… she shows up with Kody Brown in a photo and claims she loves this man. Talk about a surprise turnaround in the Sister Wives world. Many of those who watch the TLC series were shocked by this. Her delivery was also described as a bit flippant as she seemed as if she dared naysayers to take their best shot.

Now with this latest post, it almost sounds as if a humble Meri Brown is taking the blame for her unhappiness. She suggests in this New Year’s message not to judge yourself or others. She also suggests that you forgive yourself as well as forgive others. This lengthy message comes as the Sister Wives new season is just around the corner.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Life Turns Around for Meri Brown?

Is this Meri’s way of explaining why she’s still there. For months after months, fans thought she was winding up to leave. Then she planted her feet in this “I love this man” caption of a photo of her and Kody.

After she got backlash for that declaration, suddenly she seems humble. While she doesn’t say it, she alludes to the possibility that she had some blame for the problems with Kody. She tells fans to own their mistakes, so is this something she’s now doing in her own life?

Meri’s open-ended messages present as quite the puzzle. So, while this is nothing new, it just seems to go in a different direction this time around for Meri Brown.

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