‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Grieving Today – But Not as Bad as It Seems?

Sister Wives celeb Meri Brown seems as if she’s grieving over someone she lost but when you take a closer look, it’s not what it sounds like. Still, you can understand the sadness coming from the original matriarch of the Sister Wives clan. But this loss is also not as final as it might sound.

Sister Wives: Dog Lovers Everywhere Understand Meri Brown Today

Meri Brown loves her pup Mosby and often refers to him as another Sister Wives family member. This little guy is no longer with Kody Brown’s first wife. But that’s because he actually belongs to her daughter Mariah Brown.

Since Mariah moved away from her mom to Chicago, Mosby went along as well. Now this adorable canine lives with Mariah and her fiance, Audrey Kriss.

But many think this doggie belongs to the Sister Wives original matriarch. Probably because she is crazy about this canine. Mosby was more like the family dog for the mother-daughter duo while under the same roof.

Mosby knew both mom and daughter as family members all these years. So, the pet is probably as much at home with Meri as he is with Mariah.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Dog Mosby

Mosby Is Sadly Missed

With what Meri said about the dog today, coupled with a photo of the doggie, some might assume Mosby is no longer in this world. The Sister Wives matriarch conveyed just how much she “misses” the dog. But it sounded like she missed him as one might miss a dog that passed over.

While veteran Sister Wives fans know the scoop about Mosby living with Mariah and Audrey, new watchers of the show may not. Meri often refers to the dog as her grandpup, which points to Mariah owning the canine.

The way Meri Brown worded her little memory of Mosby along with saying how she misses the little guy seemed to create some confusion among fans. Many of her Sister Wives followers could only respond with sadness for what Meri feels right now.

A couple of fans did ask if the dog was still alive, but most seemed to tread lightly by responding in a way that covered both possible scenarios.

Some didn’t seem too sure if Meri misses this dog because he’s somewhere else or if she’s talking about a dog that passed. But for some folks, their response seemed to cover either situation.

So, it seems as if a bunch of people covered both bases just in case. But the Sister Wives die-hard fans of Meri Brown know that Mosby lives in the Windy City.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Mosby

Sister Wives: Canine Love Affair for Meri

Dog lovers everywhere can appreciate the devotion that Meri has for her furry friend. Since the extended family moved to Flagstaff, he’s come to visit with her a few times. This Sister Wives mom of one had a field day with selfies that included her fur baby either walking, sniffing the ground, sleeping, or cuddling up with her.

This latest photo is a throwback to a past visit by Mosby to Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. He’s cuddled up under an antique table that belonged to ancestors of this Sister Wives mom. There’s Mosby, nestled in next to a claw foot of the table leg.

So while Meri misses her dog, he’s very much alive. What she is missing is spending time with her furry friend and cuddling as she does when she’s with the little guy.

So, Meri Brown may sound like she grieves a loss, but there’s an easy fix to this. All this Sister Wives celebrity needs is another visit from the pooch.

Mariah and Audrey could show up with the Sister Wives pooch in tow and her wish to cuddle with her dog once again would come true. So Meri Brown’s grieving isn’t as bad as some may think. Sure, she really misses Mosby but she will see him again in this life.

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