‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Reveals More about Sticking Around?

Sister Wives celeb Meri Brown shocked her fans recently as she stepped out of the gray area to declare her love for her husband of 30 years. While that was informative, she also revealed that’s she’s going nowhere. This abruptly stopped all the conspiracy theories of Meri Brown ready to launch.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Delivered Shocker

This declaration came as a surprise to fans because this Sister Wives co-wife seemed to talk in riddles up until this point. So, for Meri Brown to just come out and state her status without leaving questions in her wake was out of the norm.

After months of conveying to her Sister Wives followers that she feels sad and lonely, she pops up in a photo with Kody Brown. She “loves this man,” Meri wrote. She also made it clear that she plans on going nowhere.

Meri received plenty of kudos for following her heart. But she also gathered a bunch of questions asking why she would stay. Fans cited the way Kody Brown and her Sister Wives cohorts treated her as a reason to shake herself loose.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Meri Led Fans Down That Path

While Meri said she didn’t have to explain herself to anyone, she did for the sake of setting things straight. She also said she realizes that she puts her life out there in public via the Sister Wives show. But that doesn’t mean she’s given up her right to some privacy.

Fans took this and ran with it. That’s because many feel the Sister Wives matriarch fueled the rumors about her splitting from the family. After months of quotes, all seemingly leading to freedom for Meri, speculation ran high that she would soon be single.

Now that Meri Brown straightened out her plans, another campaign appears to start. It seems the quote she just passed along to her fans, offers some details into her way of thinking today.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Sister Wives: Don’t Let New Friends Get In The Way Of Old?

It seems Meri Brown adds a little bit of detail to her recent declaration of loving Kody and staying with the Sister Wives family. Today she hones in on “temporary people” who get in the way of “forever people”.  Fans take this as Meri referring to Kody and her family as forever people.

Fans take the “temporary people” she refers to as friends she meets along the way. It sounds like Meri might have been sidetracked by a temporary friend at one time. Did this friend or friends block the path for her with her forever people?

Or at least that is how some of her fans take this newest quote. Of course, Meri Brown might not mean it this way at all. But it sounds like someone, possibly her, let someone stand in the way of family. Once realizing this, it looks as if she, or her hypothetical person, now realizes who’s important – family. It looks as if Meri is back to her open-ended messages today.

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