‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Shuns Meri – What’s Up With Lopsided Meeting?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown is often a hard pill to swallow especially for the way he treats first wife Meri Brown this season. Is Meri just along for the ride, so that Kody could get his wish for another season of Sister Wives? The patriarch of the Sister Wives family is a squeaky wheel when it comes to getting what he wants.

Kody Brown demonstrates this time and time again. If he wants to move – the family is eventually going to move. His tendency to get his way might explain why a very despondent Meri Brown hung around for another season.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Offers Bizarre Presentation

In last week’s episode, all four of the Sister Wives seemingly bucked Kody about moving. But it looks like only one wife, Meri Brown, was really the odd family member out.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So what does the screenshot below tell you? It’s a clip from last week’s ludicrous business meeting that Kody Brown put together for his wives.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Christine Brown - Robyn Brown - Meri Brown

Meri Brown is Totally Tuned Out

It looks like Kody’s got the attention of three adoring women in the SW bunch above. But Meri Brown looks as if she’s a thousand miles away from what Kody’s spewing as his “destiny” for his wives.

Veteran viewers of Sister Wives know how the man with four wives operates. So, it’s no surprise he gets his way. While it’s not to the US state that he wanted, the patriarch gets his relocation wish. The SW clan eventually moves to where they are in real-time today, Flagstaff, Arizona.

Kody’s Nose Out of Joint?

This business meeting took place after Meri became the owner of Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. Kody echoed his dream of moving back to Utah several times in this season’s Sister Wives episodes. While he can’t get there, one wife did – and it was Meri.

His first wife now owns property in Utah, the place Kody is itching to go back to. Is this the foundation for Kody’s behavior this season towards Meri Brown? Does he harbor resentment for his wife after she achieved something that he couldn’t?

Husband of Four has Hidden Agenda?

It looks like Kody Brown continues to make Meri pay for something this SW season. Fans commented that he behaved like a child at the grand opening for Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, as seen on recent Sister Wives episodes. He was spotted whispering to his daughter, Mariah Brown.

The patriarch went on about his yearning to move back to Utah. He did this as he sat in a house owned by one of his wives in the very state he misses so much. Again Meri Brown did something Kody couldn’t – get back to her roots in Utah. Some might argue that it’s the success of the inn that pushed Kody Brown to hold a business meeting with his wives.

Most of all this could be the hidden agenda behind Kody’s treatment of Meri Brown. The first time she tried to say something during that meeting, Kody abruptly dismissed what she was about to say. He cut her right off. Perhaps that led her to stare off and lose interest, as seen above.

Meri Just Along for the Ride on Sister Wives?

Kody actually snapped at Meri Brown as if she had no right interjecting into the conversation. He’s not treated Meri as an equal partner in this plural marriage this season. The three other wives attended the birth of Maddie Brown’s first child, but not Meri.

They even held that SW family meeting without her when deciding whether to help financially with buying her B&B. The treatment she’s endured this season from Kody Brown makes one wonder. Was Meri pressured to do another season of TLC’s Sister Wives?

Plus, it begs the question of whether the fate of the TLC show affects what Meri does next. If it’s canceled, will she move to Lizzie’s and run the business with her mom? And did Meri plan this escape route all along? Watch all new episodes of SW every Sunday night on TLC.

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