‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown At it Again – Finds New Pedestal To Stand On?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown is like that kid in Kindergarten who just doesn’t grasp the meaning of sharing among his peers. When faced with no other option but to share – Kody Brown emerges with the biggest piece. He’s that kid with two apples who inevitably hands the smaller one to his friend.

While he’s not sharing apples on SW, Kody Brown is sharing the limelight. But the patriarch seems to make sure that he gets that biggest share. Even if this entails trumping one of his loved ones, which he’s done several times already on the new season.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Stealing Limelight – Again

This week Mariah Brown officially announced her engagement to Audrey Kriss. Still, her SW father managed to take the limelight off Mariah and Audrey’s big announcement. A retweeted offer from Kody is making the rounds again. Kody retweets – “If Audrey and @mariahlian wanted me to perform their marriage, I would be honored.”

The headlines quickly went from Mariah’s engagement to Kody’s offer of officiating at Mariah’s wedding. This is just one small example of the head of the Brown brood making someone else’s moment all about him. He’s done it time and time again on Sister Wives.

Kody Won’t Pass Up a Chance to Stand on Pedestal?

Kody also appears to wear many hats, yet none of them seem to indicate a full-time job. Here’s another hat this husband of four is ready to wear on SW – the official presiding over his daughter’s wedding.

But there’s probably another reason that this gig at Mariah’s wedding appeals to the Sister Wives patriarch. He gets to stand on a pedestal in front of the entire affair. Yep, this would put him in the limelight on his daughter’s special day.

Brown Patriarch Won’t Stand on Sideline

This isn’t the first time Kody’s slithered into one of his kids’ special day arrangements. The family shopped for wedding venues for Aspyn Brown and Mitch Thomas on this season’s Sister Wives.

But it suddenly went from Aspyn’s big day to her father’s moves out on the dance floor. To top it off, Kody flirted with Mitch’s mother, much to the awareness of his spouses. With Aspyn and Mitch sitting at the table discussing a possible wedding location, the spotlight quickly went to the SW patriarch.

This Sister Wives Display Ruffled Fans’ Feathers

Sister Wives fans slammed Kody around the way he handled his daughter’s Ysabel Brown’s scoliosis diagnosis. This beautiful young girl suffered both emotionally and physically as she embarked on an alternative exercise program for the diagnosis.

The possibility of facing surgery weighs heavily on this girl’s mind. Yet, the head of this plural marriage made it all about him. The fans had a field day shaming this father of 18 for his approach to his daughter’s health scare. Yep, fans saw Mr. Brown make it all about him.

Meri Brown Knocked Down Verbally For Her Dream

Quite possibly one of the best examples of Kody’s need to stand out above the rest came during the more recent Sister Wives episodes. Despite Kody knocking Meri Brown around verbally over her dream of Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, she did it on her own.

Kody Brown reneged on an offer to help Meri resulting in this SW spouse feeling so alone in her endeavor. Yet, at the grand opening of Lizzie’s, Kody injected himself into the festivities as if he made the B&B a success.

Hey – Look at Me!

When the community came to the grand opening, Kody came to life for this Sister Wives event. When a city official asked Meri a question, her husband answered it. Kody Brown even grabbed ahold of the scissors when it came time for the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Adding insult to injury he stood on the front porch of the Inn with Meri and actually took credit for Meri’s success. Kody basically told Meri he had a method in his refusal to help. He believes that her success started with Kody leaving his first SW with no other option but to do it by herself.

Kody Brown Gets It!

To top it off, when Meri said she didn’t get what this Sister Wives husband was saying, he said – “I get it.” Apparently, if he does – that’s all that matters? So it looks like Kody Brown just can’t step away from the limelight. Even if it means mowing over someone else’s moment in time.

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