‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Couldn’t Help Herself – Had to Show Fans This Photo

Sister Wives star Meri Brown just offered fans fuel for assumptions with a photo that shows pending pain below the belt for some guy. So, when she decided she’d pass it along to her followers she had to know what would happen next. This Sister Wives original matriarch is fully aware by now, that somehow people would think this has something to do with Kody Brown.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Just Had To Do It

By all means, this is a funny photo. It’s one of those you might find on a comical greeting card. So, it’s easy to see why the Sister Wives original matriarch found this funny.

The photo says – “Yipee!! 2020 is almost over!” But it looks like something else is almost over for this poor guy in the pic below.

Since Kody aired all his dirty laundry regarding his first wife on the last Sister Wives season, her supporters wanted Meri Brown to leave it all behind. But she came out verbally swinging to reveal that’s not going to happen.

She not only stated that she loves this man, but this mom of one also made sure everyone knew what man she meant. Despite her best efforts, the fans still want some restitution for Kody’s rapid-fire spiel in the therapist’s office.

That’s when he basically said Meri Brown tricked him into marriage and he’s not happy with her. Of course, this comment came almost 30 years after they tied the knot.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Is Photo Another Cryptic Message by Meri Brown?

So to get rid of any confusion, she passed along a new pic of her and Kody together. She also conveyed that she’s going nowhere despite all the pleas from the Sister Wives followers.

Meri Brown offered so many cryptic messages over the last year that it became a full-time job for her fans to decipher them. After giving them enough hints and clues in her open-ended messages, this Sister Wives celeb started a tsunami of chatter.

Then she recently surfaced with that picture of herself with Kody, apparently to put a stop to the on-going assumptions that she’s leaving him. But this Sister Wives mom and wife put those assumptions there herself. She did that with her constant open-ended tales of someone feeling pain and loneliness.

Now, with this new photo above, some of her die-hard fans have another field day substituting Kody Brown for the guy in the photo. The guy is about to have his package pierced by some very sharp teeth.

Fans of the Sister Wives tribe, especially the ones who favor Meri out of all the wives, aren’t as forgiving as Meri seems to be.  They still want Kody to pay for the horrendous things he said about Meri during that now notorious therapy session.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Meri Brown

Sister Wives: Long-Lasting Struggle

The Sister Wives photo above came along with Meri stating she “loves this man”. This recent photo came along after months and months of what fans conceived as her tale of woe passed along in her messages.

Then suddenly, bang-boom- pow this happy couple photo emerges. It seemed like an attempt to erase months of messages that described Meri in despair. Or at least that’s what the followers of Sister Wives thought.

While Meri is back working on her Sister Wives’ marriage with Kody, there was a time she admits to living in despair. Meri had Kody all to herself for a few years before Janelle came along to make this a plural marriage.

Then Christine came shortly after Janelle with Robyn joining this Sister Wives union years later. But each new wife had problems with Meri and some still do today. She admitted that she felt jealous each time a new wife came on board.

First Wife

Discontent Nothing New?

Each of the Sister Wives ladies described what that was like for them when they first joined the family. Meri Brown wasn’t what one might call a welcome wagon.

They shared their stories in their book and each wife seemed to feel un-welcomed by the first wife. So, it looks as if other than the first few years alone with Kody, the first lady of this family always had problems sharing her husband with the other women.

While this turmoil within her marriage might look like something new, Meri Brown’s unhappiness dates back decades. Not to say that she didn’t have good times. But the thread of discontent is seen from the time she no longer enjoyed her monogamous marriage.

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