‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Posts Odd Eulogy as Her World Seems to Close In

Sister Wives star Meri Brown put up a post that sounds like a eulogy for someone close to her. But, it’s not a person that inspired this social post. Instead, it’s about a line of clothing she describes as her “go-to” attire. But, it’s going away and Meri’s social post made it seem like she’s mourning a major loss in her life.

Sister Wives: The Two Faces of Meri Brown

Some might say this Sister Wives celeb needs to broaden her horizons. Especially if she’s writing elaborate send-offs for clothes. Fans of the TLC reality show see two faces for Meri Brown recently.

One face that comes from the latest episodes of the new season of Sister Wives. The other comes from real-time on social media. Which Meri is the real one, or does she fall somewhere in the middle of the two?

The first face seems rather desperate but that could be about editing by TLC for Sister Wives. Meri Brown’s second face comes from her posts on social media. This is a place she seems to dismiss the past and look forward to the present.

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The First Face of Meri Brown Sometimes Desperate?

First, Meri Brown has a persona on Sister Wives. From what viewers see on the TLC show, Kody Brown rejects Meri’s attempts to save their marriage.

The Sister Wives patriarch said he no longer lives with Meri. So instead of sleeping at her house every fourth night, he probably goes to one of the other wives.

Meri was reminded of this often when they all lived back in the Vegas cul-da-sac. She said it was tough to watch Kody spend time with the other wives and not her.

The Sister Wives shared husband also said he wasn’t willing to work on their marriage. This came out during a therapy session on an episode. So either Meri lost her husband — or TLC’s editing makes it look that way.

Yet, it also looks as if Meri made a few attempts to entice Kody. Fans found at least one of those scenes embarrassing for the first wife of the Sister Wives clan.

When Kody backed up the moving truck on Meri’s driveway earlier in the season, she made a funny pass at him. Then, Kody told her to watch the back of the truck as he neared a wall.

Meri said, “I would love to watch your backside babe”. Some fans found it sad, especially after Kody already rejected her on-screen a few times at that point.

Sister Wives: Real-Life Persona Seems Stronger

Fans find another aspect of Meri Brown in her posts online. This original Sister Wives matriarch seems independent there. She doesn’t seem to be aching for Kody’s attention in real-life. Instead, her posts suggest she distances herself from those who don’t want her.

One thing that seems to help Meri Brown through her Sister Wives troubles is her online business marketing a clothing line. She’s her own boss as she sells attire online.

But has Meri emerged herself in business to take her thoughts off her issues with Kody and the other Sister Wives? Now, she writes an effusive send-off to a specific clothing line as if she lost a loved one.

So, is Meri replacing her Sister Wives family with business? If it’s the case, some fans might see it as better than her longing for Kody Brown. Her followers just want her to find a happy relationship.

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