‘Sister Wives’: Lonely Meri Brown Makes a Pass at Kody – Will He Bite?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown broke down on the last episode as she shared personal things many wives might not want to admit on camera. It seems Meri feels like she’s on the outside looking in at her plural marriage. Sure, she’s still part of the family but Kody Brown indicated they no longer have a real relationship. However, they’re in counseling and that plays out this season on the TLC show.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Liked Being Alone in Vegas?

Given Meri Brown’s independence from Kody Brown, that likely leaves more time for the other three wives. Still, from the looks of things, this is something fans hate to see Meri Brown struggle with. She appears sad as she describes Kody’s rejection. It also sounds as if this Sister Wives dilemma is out of her hands.

So, that might have made it easier for Meri Brown to move back to Las Vegas after her landlord asked to break the lease. Also, she told Sister Wives cameras that she liked being back in the cul-da-sac alone. Fans took that as Meri Brown enjoying her freedom away from her family.

Although, that’s not how she meant it as we’ll see soon on Sister Wives. But on Sunday night’s episode, Meri Brown shared why she was fine living solo in Vegas for a while. Apparently, it was less painful for her than seeing Kody’s other Sister Wives marriages play out in front of her in their side by side homes back in Sin City.

Kody Says They’re Dating – Meri Makes a Pass

Kody said their Sister Wives relationship is back at the dating stage. And, Meri Brown said things didn’t move fast enough for her. Then, on the recent episode, Meri got frisky and threw a verbal pass to her husband. It was when he reversed the moving truck at her new rental now that she’s back from Vegas.

He asked Meri Brown to watch the back of the truck to ensure he didn’t hit anything. She quipped: “I would love to watch your backside babe”. It was very flirty. Just like on the last Tell All when Meri told Kody if he called, she’d drop what she’s doing and be right there. So, Meri Brown’s interest is evident.

Now, the first Sister Wives matriarch seems to be sad and missing her husband. And she’s not shy about talking about it on camera. Between these new scenes and their couples counseling, many fans wonder what’s next for the Sister Wives original spouses.

Will Meri Brown Entice Kody Back to Their Sister Wives Marriage?

So, will Meri Brown’s flirty signals and hints on the show pull Kody back into a real marriage with her? After all, they’re in counseling and working on things. And clearly, neither wants a divorce. Now, Meri Brown’s pain has fans feeling bad for her after the recent Sister Wives’ episode.

And just as Sister Wives viewers noticed, perhaps Kody will too — if he watches this season as it airs. Perhaps Kody and Meri Brown can find a way to recapture their romance as they near 30 years of marriage (some of it legal and some spiritual).

Stay tuned to see what happens next as new episodes air Sunday nights at 10 pm EST on TLC.

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