‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Shares Loss of Her Baby Boy – Triggered By Sad News?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown seems to be reflecting on her life, possibly triggered by some bad news she heard about a friend. This is unusual for this Sister Wives celeb who lately tends to be upbeat in her online posts. But it seems some sad news she received about a friend started her on a journey of memories about her own similar experience.

Sister Wives: The Mom in Meri Brown Shares Dark Time In Her Life

Meri Brown, the matriarch of the Sister Wives family, has been very open about her fertility problems in the past. Meri Brown has only one child with Kody Brown, Mariah Brown. She desperately wanted more children of her own, but that didn’t happen. She suffered a miscarriage 12 years ago and this devastated her.

Her miscarriage is not something Meri Brown talks about frequently. The last time she publicly mentioned this sad time was a few years back. But today, Meri seemed to feel the need to share this with her Sister Wives fans.

Meri said she woke up thinking about her son who would be 12 today. She shared her thoughts about how it would be to have her boy with her at Christmas this year.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

‘Sweet Little Mom’

What Kody Brown’s first wife didn’t expect was the news that arrived about her friend. It seemed to stun her, and she posted about it. The Sister Wives post refers to a “sweet little mom” who Meri Brown loves. The nameless woman had to say goodbye to her own baby today.

It sounds as if Meri’s friend lost her baby to a miscarriage. She closes out this post with “miscarriage sucks”.  Meri lost that baby in 2007 and while time has eased the pain, that loss is never far from her thoughts.

At one point Robyn offered to become a surrogate mother and carry Meri and Kody’s child for Meri. While she appreciated Robyn’s offer, she declined.

Sister Wives: Little Boy Always On Meri Brown’s Mind

Meri previously wrote on social media how she always wondered what her son would look like. The first Sister Wives wife often thinks about what his life would have been like. Her thoughts also drifted to what the future might have held for her son if he was here today.

Meri Brown talked about the joy of finding out she was going to have a son then the excruciating pain of that dream abruptly ending. She talks about the little boy she never got to meet but who she will always love.

Then the Sister Wives mom offered a message of inspiration. The message conveyed not to get discouraged as this too will change. It sounds like Meri speaks from experience and shared this message not only to her friend but to other families dealing with the loss of a baby due to a miscarriage.

Sister Wives Season 14 debuts Sunday night, January 5, 2020, on TLC.

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