‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Baits Fans for Months with Cryptic Messages?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown recently seemed to steer her cryptic messages in a different direction than she has over the past several months. Up until this week, fans thought Meri sounded like she was ready to move on from her Sister Wives family via these messages.

First of all, it’s only fair to say that Meri never once assigned a name to any of her messages. So you couldn’t be sure who or what she had in mind with these posted words. But she left plenty of room for the Sister Wives followers to create assumptions.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Leaves Lots of Room for Assumptions

Once Meri tosses a message to her Sister Wives followers, that’s it. The first wife of Kody Brown very seldom, if at all,  jumps back online to deny or validate fans’ assumptions. She never attempts to steer those assumptions in one direction or another.

Because Meri Brown is so active on social media, she may see from comments on how fans interpret her open-ended messages. They often turn into chatter online about Meri leaving the Sister Wives family.

No matter what fans assumed Meri Brown meant by her messages, she didn’t correct them. The Sister Wives matriarch dropped the message and let it fester among the folks who watch the show.

Since the last season ended with Meri Brown working on relationships within the family, viewers followed Meri for any updates. But instead, some of the messages shared by this Sister Wives matriarch seemed to suggest she was a family outcast to some of her followers.


Viewers Offer Sympathy to Meri Brown for Months Online

Fans hopped online with sympathy to suggest Meri Brown do everything from “leave” to “run” away from her plural marriage. The Sister Wives celeb posted one message in particular that sounded as if some people gave up on her. Fans surmised it was her Sister Wives co-spouses, including Kody, that she wrote about.

The Sister Wives celeb carried this on a little further. It sounded like some people in Meri’s life even let her go. The post appeared to suggest that Meri Brown canceled some business plans at the time to get away alone to work on her thoughts.

So, the Sister Wives fan-favorite headed out on a trip alone to do some soul searching. Fans once again assumed it was over these severed ties she wrote about.

Finally, in the end, she found out that she’s OK with this. Again, the post mentioned no names. So, it was an assumption on the part of the fans that Meri made peace with herself after people close to her severed ties.

Sister Wives enthusiasts thought it was probably Meri’s co-wives who severed these ties. Maybe even Kody Brown as well. The chatter started but Meri did nothing to stop it despite the amount of attention that came her way.

Over the months between seasons, Meri filled her social media sites with messages that sounded like a woman starting over. She sounded like she was about to try new paths on her own. Fans rallied around Meri each time a post like this came out and there were plenty of them.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown


Sister Wives: Today Kody Brown Seen as a Great Man?

Now that the new season started and it’s clear Meri Brown is still with Kody, her latest post is a shout out to a great man. Some fans took this to mean Meri had Kody Brown in mind as this great man. Of course, like previous cryptic messages, she assigns no names to her posts.

Now her latest message seems to praise Kody Brown. It basically offers a long example of a great man. It seems to suggest that a great man might fail, but at least he was brave enough to attempt to go after a goal. So he could still be a great man, even in failure.

That message, which is a quote from Theodore Roosevelt, seems to mirror what fans saw in the season premiere. The Sister Wives sat down to talk about finances. Kody was concerned about failing with this move over their money problems.

Kody informed his wives there’s a chance this move might bring failure if the Vegas houses didn’t sell. So is he the great man even if he possibly faces failure because he was brave enough to try? This sounds like the complete opposite of her previous posts.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

A New Picture Emerges

All through the hiatus between the seasons, Meri seemed to engage the fans with cryptic messages about finding independence and not letting what others think of you to define who you are. To many of the fans, the culprits behind this were her Sister Wives spouses.

This kept the fans coming back for more as Meri’s messages sounded like a launching pad to her independence from the family. So when fans tuned in to the Sister Wives season opener, they got quite a different picture.

Meri is not only staying on as one of Kody Brown’s wives but she defended his decision to move to Flagstaff. When the other wives were upset about moving and leaving several of their grown children in Flagstaff, Meri came to his rescue.

Sister Wives: Fans Took the Bait?

So, Meri kept the fans’ interest in these cryptic posts for months. In turn, many of the viewers tuned in to the new season to watch Meri navigate what sounded like an independent life. But nothing really changed at all.

Did she bait the fans with these cryptic messages? Meri Brown did share these posts with no one attached to them, not even herself. So she could say she just saw the messages as inspirational and shared them.

But the words of these posts seemed to speak to what fans saw in the last Sister Wives season. Meri wasn’t treated very well by her co-wives and Kody. So when she got online to talk about severing relationships and becoming independent, people ran with it.

But Meri never jumped in to correct the chatter started by her posts. Was the end-game to her messages just keeping fans’ interest in the show and making sure the viewers came back?

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