‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Makes Severed Relationships Claim – Fans Shocked

Sister Wives star Meri Brown (Kody Brown’s first wife) reflected on her life this weekend but from what she says today, it seems she’s about to leave some people behind. Meri posted a long and very revealing short story regarding her struggles lately. Fans could only surmise until now that the Sister Wives matriarch still faced struggles with the people in her life.

It seems Meri Brown confirmed the discord in her personal life among some people close to her. The Sister Wives celeb writes how she knows there are some people who have given up on her. Some of them went even further and let her go. But what she concluded after a solo trip among nature this weekend – she’s okay.

Sister Wives: New Meri Brown Shocker – Who Dumped Her?

Meri Brown had been planning something for this weekend for months, she tells her Sister Wives followers. But she didn’t do it. This sounded as if she had important plans but instead took some time to gather her thoughts. Alone, she boarded a ski lift that offered beautiful views of Flagstaff. She also took this reflective journey through the woods in search of a grove of Aspen trees.

She finds the trees bring her peace and have a calming effect on her. Meri Brown claims she needed this weekend for both her soul and heart. Breaking those plans to spend some alone time came with some guilt. But she tells the Sister Wives enthusiasts that she worked around that guilt as it crept in.

One of the most alarming things she mentions is how people left her and gave up on her. She threw out this rather serious sounding claim but stops short of elaborating on details. This prompts an online question from fans. Did she find herself severed from someone within the Sister Wives clan?

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Screaming Inside of Her?

Meri Brown goes on to say she needed to address some things “screaming” inside of her. Again, this also sounded serious. But that’s as far as she took that statement. She continues her tendency to offer up just enough information so the fans can form their own conclusions. Needless to say, they did.

The first wife of Kody Brown hasn’t mentioned her Sister Wives husband’s name online for a long time. Meri’s online sites seem void of the other wives as well. Last season viewers saw the way Kody and the other wives treated Meri Brown. So the fans know they weren’t on best of terms.

Kody chimed in on the last episode to explain how he’s working on his relationship with Meri. During the Sister Wives “Tell All” segment Kody suggested it was like dating Meri again as they worked on their relationship.

Christine Brown made no secrets about her disdain for Meri several times throughout the last few seasons. Like when Christine said she was basically glad she didn’t show up for Axel’s birth.

Christine said Meri came with baggage when she entered a room and it wasn’t good baggage. This was two years ago when Maddie Brown Brush gave birth to her first baby.

Sister Wives: Is Meri Talking About Kody Brown or Robyn Brown?

Last season Christine sat down with Meri and continued the same type of reprimand on the Sister Wives show. She talked about Meri and her negative baggage. Janelle Brown stayed somewhat neutral about Kody’s first wife on the show. But Robyn Brown appeared as Meri’s only real friend in the bunch at the time.

Meri introduced Robyn to Kody Brown. She wanted Robyn in the Sister Wives circle of wives. She also divorced Kody so Robyn could legally marry Kody. The law stipulates you can only have one legal wife and Robyn needed to be that wife for Kody to adopt her kids.

Meri and Robyn Brown seemingly remained close around the time Christine lambasted Meri. Robyn seemed empathetic to Meri when Kody Brown considered Meri nothing more than a date. But today even Robyn doesn’t show up online with Meri anymore.

Meri doesn’t mention Robyn in posts like she used to. If you didn’t know Meri’s history, you might get a different idea about her and her lifestyle. Her posts over the last several months seem to portray her as a single mom.

So as Meri Brown closes her confession-like post, this Sister Wives mom claims she’s happy. She also claims she knows she’s messed up at times and she’s not perfect. But at the end of the day, she’s proud of who she is.

This started a flurry of online assumptions. Some of her online followers wonder if Meri will even show up in the next season. Especially after such serious-sounding claims. Since it’s hard to imagine Sister Wives without Kody’s first wife, chances are she’ll be there. But at what capacity is anyone’s guess.

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