‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Gets Too Edgy These Days – Scares Some Fans

Sister Wives star Meri Brown seems to push the envelope just a bit too far when it comes to living life on the edge recently. Her latest post causes some fans to quiver over what they see her doing.

It looks like Meri’s trip to Utah over the weekend offered the perfect opportunity to pose for several photos. But one photo from the Sister Wives matriarch looked like she offered up a rather shocking pose.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Takes Risk to Get Rise Out of Fans?

There was nothing risque or inappropriate about Meri Brown in the photo. But it did reek of danger. One fan commented,  “I just got chills seeing you do that”. Another beckoned her to “get down.”

From where some followers of Sister Wives sit, it appears Meri is feeling her oats these days. She seemed to realize she’d get a rise out of her fans from the Sister Wives show with this picture, evident with one of her hashtags “living on the edge”.

But unless it’s an optical illusion, it looks like she took a risk posing for the photo. This is the second time over the summer that Meri Brown riled up the fans over risky behavior. Both incidents occurred in similar places. The first time she was publicly scolded online by Sister Wives followers.

The first wife of Kody Brown keeps her fans up to date with her travels via Instagram. This weekend the Sister Wives entrepreneur posted a photo of herself driving a car filled to the brim with items. Kody Brown’s wife Meri headed out on a road trip for Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. That’s her solo-owned bed and breakfast in Utah.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Day of Sightseeing With Friends

While at Lizzie’s it looks like Meri did some sightseeing with two friends. The first wife of the Sister Wives tribe is pictured at the Dixie National Forrest on Brian Head Peak. The 11,312 feet high peak is the highest peak in southwestern Utah’s Markagunt Plateau and Iron County.

Apparently her friends live in the area because the same man who appeared in previous photos with her in Utah showed up again. Meri Brown posed with a man and a woman who she tagged as “friends.”

The man, whose name is Blair M Struble, posed with Meri Brown in a photo last month. The caption read: “We don’t meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason.”

Meri has a tendency to toss her fans some open-ended messages. This leaves Sister Wives enthusiasts attempting to decipher the meaning behind the things she posts. But this time around, according to some fans, she went too far this weekend with her pose.

She plants the seed and then steps back as the chatter starts online. When Meri and Blair first showed up in the photo, he looked like a love interest to the Sister Wives viewers.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Sister Wives: Fans Call Out Dangerous Behavior

But that was debunked after armchair sleuths did their investigating and found out Blair is spoken for. He has a husband. So fans were barking up the wrong tree. Meri and Blair fall under the category of just friends and apparently good friends because he showed up again in her photos this weekend.

It looks like Blair clicked the camera and captured that dangerous-looking picture causing the stir online today. The Sister Wives explorer thanked him in her caption for “snagging” the photo.

Meri Brown is standing way too close to the edge of a cliff, stretching to get a look at what lies below. She appears to be just one wind gust away from a tragic accident.

While it looks like solid ground, cliffs can always give way underneath you. So it looks like this Sister Wives celeb is tempting fate out there on that cliff. Again, unless the photo is an optical illusion, Meri Brown looks as if she took a risk just to get this photo.

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