‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Plants Seed – Chatter Blooms

Sister Wives star Meri Brown sparks intrigue with her latest photo that offers just enough information on the post to keep her fans guessing. The photo includes Meri standing with a man who is definitely not Kody Brown.

Meri Brown started the mystery last week by posting a countdown as each day passed. It appeared she counted the days until she left for a trip to Oregon. But she didn’t say who or what was waiting for her upon arrival.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Dangles the Carrot

These pics inspire questions. Was Meri Brown headed for another LuLaRoe gathering or was she on this trip to visit her extended Sister Wives family or friends? Fans could only wager a guess as to what she was up to since she was short on the details.

When Meri Brown finally arrived in Oregon, the first wife of the Sister Wives clan had some more fun with mystery posts. She shared a photo of her feet on some bizarre printed carpet that seemed to match her choice of footwear. But still, no details about her trip.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Blair Michael Struble

Another Man – Or the Same One?

Then Meri posted a few pictures and added some clips to her Instagram Story that included her “bestie”. So it looked like this Sister Wives traveler went to Oregon to visit her best friend. But was that the end of the story? No, it wasn’t.

Suddenly, Meri Brown pops up in a photo with a man who is not the Sister Wives husband she shares with four other women. While she doesn’t say who the man is she did “at” him in the photo. His name is Blair M Struble and he’s a designer.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Michael Struble

Sister Wives: Who is Blair M Struble?

This started the at-home sleuths searching to find out more about the man in the post with Meri Brown. Some inquisitive minds searched through his social media sites to find out more about Mr. Struble.

It’s easy to see from his Instagram account that he is married. It’s also easy to see he has a sense of humor. Not only does Blair post a few comical photos but he also has a rather funny idea for online shopping. He shared his idea for a new shipping choice for Amazon. It seems he thinks it could be useful when it comes to bypassing his husband.

That idea appears in the post above. It seems Amazon could do him a favor by adding another delivery choice when it comes to getting packages at home. While the blurb is funny, there’s bound to be a few other spouses out there that see the benefit in this choice.

So while Blair sounds like an interesting guy and quite possibly a good catch, it seems as if he’s already taken. Then, the fans who followed up on the mystery man’s bio found out enough info to render him off-limits for romance with Meri.

Barking Up the Wrong Tree?

This is history repeating itself with both Meri Brown and Blair. Not to mention the Sister Wives enthusiasts as well. Meri and Blair already sparked online chatter several weeks ago. She posted a photo once before with Blair after she ran into him at Disneyland.

It didn’t take long for the theories of romance to run amok online back then. Once again the chatter swirled suggesting maybe Meri replaced Kody Brown after this latest post emerged with the same mystery man.

Now, there’s plenty more info on Meri’s photo partner. Any fans of the Sister Wives tribe thinking Meri’s got a new romantic interest need to rethink that. First, he’s married. Second, he’s hitched to a man. So, even if she was dating, he’s simply not compatible with Kody Brown’s first wife.

Meri Keeps Reeling Them In

Meri Brown never made a comment that would suggest she’s in another relationship outside her Sister Wives plural marriage. But Meri did post this photo again. It’s almost as if this was some type of dare to take the picture and run with it. But some fans moved cautiously this time around.

Her open-ended comments often leave a lot of room for fans to make assumptions. It looks like Meri harbors a tendency to throw the fans a bone of mystery now and then. Maybe it’s her way of keeping the fans enticed between seasons. For whatever reason Meri has for throwing out these picture-like riddles, it does serve a purpose. Whether that purpose is intentional or not, it works for publicity.

If she wants to keep herself fresh in the minds of her fans between the Sister Wives seasons, well… it looks like she’s been very successful at that. Her fans keep coming back and posting comments. So it appears Meri Brown and her Sister Wives show won’t be forgotten anytime soon. For that matter… Blair either.

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