‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown On Day Three of Mysterious Countdown

Sister Wives star Meri Brown is up to something as she started a count down a few days ago and she’s winding down apparently to a big reveal. What is the matriarch of the Sister Wives clan planning and what does it have to do with Oregon?

Last week Meri Brown said she was on the road again and maybe she’d head for Oregon. Then suddenly the Sister Wives celeb started a strange countdown on her Instagram page.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Starts Her Countdown

She started a countdown at five and the next day she went to four. So it seems as if she is counting down the days. Then today the Sister Wives mystery thickens with the number three. So it looks like three days remain until something happens.

Meri Brown also posted “Oregon” along with the numbers each day. It seems that’s a clue suggesting that this countdown has something to do with that state. But what is this Sister Wives mom hinting at?

Of course fans wonder if this reveal has to do with Kody Brown or about her Sister Wives spouses. But Meri Brown keeps a lid on her countdown and it looks like two more days need to pass by before this counting is complete.

Meri Brown seems creative when it comes to posting open-ended messages. She has the tendency to throw out just enough information to let her followers make some type of assumption. But in the past, some of those assumptions were way off the mark.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Meri Leaves Flagstaff for Good… Maybe Not

One of the more recent mix-ups came from another message the Sister Wives matriarch shared on Instagram. She posted a picture of her dog Mosby saying goodbye to Flagstaff. This was after Mosby stayed with Meri in Flagstaff while Mariah Brown and Audrey Kriss took a trip. But the fans didn’t know this.

When fans learned Mosby was at Meri’s Flagstaff home they just thought the dog is now living with her. But that wasn’t the case, Mosby went back home to Mariah and Audrey. But some of Meri’s followers assumed that she was saying goodbye to her new home in Arizona, not the dog.

Sister Wives: Open-Ended Stories Lead to Assumptions

Meri offered up just enough info to leave people guessing. Just like posts of her walking the dog in Flagstaff. This allowed the fans to come to their own conclusions.

Many of the Sister Wives matriarch’s messages offer an open-ended story or have a cryptic-like look to them. So it’s not easy to decipher just where she’s going with the mysterious clues and hints Meri drops online for her fans.

So now whatever Meri Brown is up to – it looks like it has to do with Oregon for this Sister Wives traveler. Is she planning to visit there or has she been there and planning her return trip home?

One thing is very clear and that’s Meri’s independence is in full swing. She’s headed out on trips right and left lately seemingly without any family members along for the ride. Except for Mosby that is.

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