‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Pose Seen as Seductive – Jaws Drop and Tongues Wag

Sister Wives star Meri Brown recently posted a photo and after fans checked it out, it started a debate that even Meri herself joined in on. It seems when Kody Brown’s wife Meri posts a photo lately, it tends to come with a riddle or an open-ended message that suddenly stirs up the chatter.

So it looks as if Meri Brown has the art of leaving them guessing down to a science today. Her cryptic-like messages give fans all kinds of things to assume. But what about her latest post that has the online world buzzing today. But what’s the message behind that?

Sister Wives: Does Meri Brown Dress Racy or Not?

From the looks at some of the comments online you’d swear Meri Brown usually walks around in a nun’s habit. A recent photo shows Meri laying on the floor. The Sister Wives matriarch captions it “Just Chillin”. She explains she just got through invoicing a big sale. The Sister Wives entrepreneur is most likely referring to the LuLaRoe Collection she sells. So now she’s relaxing.

In the photo, Meri Brown’s hair looks tousled. But most of all she seems to be showing only skin. To some, it might look like Meri isn’t wearing a shirt after a glance at the picture. So the questions start to pop up in the comment section asking if this Sister Wives celeb is wearing clothes or not.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

She Showing Skin

If you look over Meri’s right shoulder you can see she’s wearing a skin-toned sleeveless t-shirt. The only skin people get to see is her arms. Apparently, Meri Brown couldn’t help herself after seeing she’s about to become the new Sister Wives pin-up girl for some fans.

It’s summer and it’s hot so why wouldn’t this member of Sister Wives dress as other people dress for hot weather? The religion the Sister Wives family belongs to allows for husband Kody Brown to have multiple wives. But they don’t abide by any kind of body coverup for their religion.

Sister Wives: So Meri Strikes a Pose and Offers Sarcasm

So what does Meri Brown think about all this attention deeming her naked in a sexy pose? She appears to have a field day with her comments as well. She had fun with sarcastically jabbing back.

The Sister Wives fan-favorite joked around using sarcasm to refer to her mode of dress as “sinful” and she also said something about “lord forgive me”. Yep, Meri jabbed right back at the comments suggesting she looked naked on the floor.

One thing about the Kody Brown’s first wife, she never goes after the comments in an angered tone. It looks as if she ignores the rather nasty comments and uses kindness, jokes, and sarcasm when she does acknowledge a comment. It looks like she’s got a handle on this reality star thing.

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