‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Counts on Robyn for Baby Probe on Next Episode

Sister Wives star Christine Brown just revealed a piece of news that has to do with Robyn Brown and the ever-growing Kody Brown family. It’s odd to hear Christine say she relinquishes this task over to Robyn. That’s because Christine Brown is a take-charge kind of gal. Or at least she is on the Sister Wives show.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Takes Over

When a family event takes place, more often than not it’s Christine Brown who gets it all together. Even when it comes to the Sister Wives kids, she seems to need to be front and center when it comes to her co-wives. A recent example of this is when Maddie Brown Brush gave birth to her second child, Evie Brush.

This was a time for Janelle Brown to shine as the biological grandmother of this little angel. But Christine suddenly became the face of the grandma after posting photos of herself and Evie. Janelle’s the type of person who probably welcomes all the love Christine shares with Janelle’s grandchildren.

So, there’s probably no problem at all between the two over that. But Christine’s personality seems to take over and suddenly she becomes the Sister Wives family member in charge. But not this time around.

Sister Wives: Aspyn Brown Thompson

Robyn Brown at the Ready?

Christine is very stand-offish when it comes to asking a question to her daughter Aspyn Brown Thompson, who was just married last year. Aspyn tells the Sister Wives cameras that although she and her husband, Mitch Thompson, want a family, they’re waiting for a few years.

Aspyn also mentions their plan is to wait three years before the baby-making begins. Christine Brown talks to the camera on this Sister Wives preview. With a serious look on her face, as well as a serious tone in her voice, Christine says she won’t mention babies to Aspyn.

Apparently, she’s either afraid to go there because she doesn’t want to seem like a pushy mom or maybe she’s already tried and wasn’t well received. Either way, Christine Brown is staying away from that topic with her daughter.

But apparently Christine has another way to prod her daughter to think about giving her some grandbabies. That’s by using Robyn Brown as part of her ploy to push Aspyn’s baby-making timeline to sooner rather than later.

Sister Wives: Strategy to Grow the Family?

While Christine won’t mention a word to this Sister Wives‘ offspring, she will, however, encourage Robyn Brown to do so. It appears that’s something Robyn does every time she sees Aspyn and Mitch – ask them when a baby is coming.

Ironically, the rumors about Robyn Brown having another baby run wild online. This seems to go in cycles every six or seven months. But now it’s Robyn who pops that same question to Aspyn every time she sees her.

Apparently Aspyn gives her the same answer, – “three years”.  Christine seems pretty adamant about not asking Aspyn herself. But she seemed happy to make the snowball and hand it over to Robyn. Then the youngest Sister Wives mom could to toss it to Aspyn.

Check out the next episode on TLC Sunday nights at 10 pm EST.

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