‘Sister Wives’: Robyn and Christine One-Up Each Other as the Victim?

Sister Wives stars Robyn Brown and Christine Brown seem engaged in competition as they attempt to outdo the other when it comes to rejection. Janelle Brown called a family meeting. It was her goal to pinpoint the Sister Wives‘ problems and attempt to work on correcting them.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown & Robyn Brown One-Up Each Other’s Woes.

The recent dinner seems to backfire on the Brown co-spouses and became a stage for Christine Brown and Robyn Brown to pour out their guts over feelings of rejection. Christine really laid out her misery from the jealousy she endures to thinking everyone hates her. Then Robyn started to sob uncontrollably when she thought the Sister Wives tribe fell apart with her arrival sparking the turbulence.

Poor Janelle – all she wanted to do was get the family closer. But it sparked a bout of verbal sparring with Robyn and also Christine. These two Sister Wives ladies seemed to try to outdo each other with their feelings of misery. As the fans suggested, Meri Brown stayed very quiet but if she had jumped in she could blow their miseries right off the table with what she’s put up with.

With Janelle struggling to get her Sister Wives family back on track, Kody Brown kept quiet. But when he did step-in with a word or two, Robyn Brown shot him right down. She told him to let her speak for herself. Christine Brown flipped several snarky comments out as well as the meeting got heated.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Janelle Brown - Kody Brown - Meri Brown - Robyn Brow

Dinner Meeting Sparks Research for Change?

With all the time it took for the Sister Wives crew to get through what seemed like the last supper, it might have served its purpose. Next week’s promo shows Kody Brown taking all four of his Sister Wives ladies on a road trip. Maybe Janelle struck a chord with her co-wives and shared hubby.

The togetherness is what is missing from this Sister Wives multiple marriage – is what came out of their midday meeting. Then, Kody loads his four unhappy ladies in the car to show them how togetherness works. He did this despite Robyn Brown and her counterpart in misery, Christine Brown, showing unhappiness.

This road trip brings them to see a friend – a man who also has a polygamous marriage. The only difference between the Sister Wives clan and this guy’s family is that they all live under one roof. So, it looks as if Kody makes a last-ditch effort for that one big house. But Christine made it clear she’s not down for that – and it looks like Robyn may not be either.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Sister Wives: One Last Try Despite Robyn & Christine Attitude

With Janelle now feeling heard by her shared husband and her three sister wives, they take a look at how this works. But if the facial grimaces and frowns are any indication on the ride there, the idea will meet with opposition for sure. While Robyn Brown seems willing to listen, Christine Brown still holds that she won’t live in a shared home.

It seems this other family found how to make the Principle work for them. Kody is quick to point out how this other husband and his wives all live together and they have all the assets of plural marriage that Janelle, Christine, Robyn, and Meri like. These people live with the way his ladies found positive when at their lunch meeting.

So, it appears the Sister Wives patriarch is making an effort. He attempts to get his women to revisit the one house notion. But it’s not going to happen. This episode filmed many months ago. Kody did an interview just recently and said the big house is out. He also dropped a spoiler and said that instead of four homes going up on Coyote Pass, they’ll build five. So, Christine Brown got her way – and Robyn Brown is along for the ride.

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