‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Warns Against Bedroom Talk – Then Blurts Out Schedule

Sister Wives star Kody Brown warned that they’re not talking bedroom arrangements these days but he did so anyway just seconds later in a recent interview. This Sister Wives interview took place just before the new season rolled out. Kody Brown sounded like he attempted to guard his answers but then couldn’t stop himself once he got started.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown a Fountain of Info

This interview is brand new as the scenes from the Sister Wives trailer are part of the discussion and that clip was posted just days ago. The questions asked of Kody Brown were straight-forward, and surprisingly his answers were as well.

Kody Brown is the husband of four wives and the relationships look like they’re under a ton of pressure in the trailer. So when he answered questions about the relationships, his answers were surprising.

Besides some ups and downs, the Sister Wives patriarch sees his relationship with three of his wives as stable. But Meri Brown is a work in progress, he told the interviewer.

'Sister Wives': Kody Brown

A Tweak To Kody Brown’s Bedroom Schedule

That famous Sister Wives bedroom schedule that comes up often had some tweaking. Kody worked around calling it a bedroom schedule during this interview. He did this by saying he lived with the individual wives on a three-day rotation.

At one time each of the Sister Wives ladies got Kody in a rotation of every fourth night. Now this rotation shrank a bit. It changed to every third night, as he no longer lives with one of his wives.

That would be Meri Brown and Kody Brown reveals he’s not lived with her (she’s been off the schedule) for the last four or five years. So, this split in this couple’s marriage dates back years, even though Meri remains with the family.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Truth About the Relationships

Kody Brown did say this new season shows the truth about the Sister Wives relationships. He also offered an uplifting blurb for the progress he made with Meri.

The husband of four also brought up all the nastiness he exhibited at the therapist’s office last season. Kody Brown said it came from a place of anger and hurt. But today he and Meri worked past that anger. He is adamant that she is still one of his wives but they just don’t “live together”. His anger towards Meri subsided so this opens up more possibilities.

But, despite not living together they do spend time with each other and work on that relationship. Despite all the crying seen coming from Meri through the last few Sister Wives seasons, they have made progress.

So, if you ask Kody a question and he says we aren’t talking about that topic, wait a few seconds. It looks like he follows that with a flood of information on the taboo subject.

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