‘Sister Wives’ Spoilers: Kody Brown Leads Family In Bizarre Presentation in New Season

Sister Wives with Kody Brown returns to TLC on Sunday night with a brand new season. Kody is adamant he is leading this family. He gathers the sister wives together and he tells Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn Brown that they’re moving.

The head of this polygamous family seems to dismiss their concerns about this move. He calls together the sister wives and embarks on a meeting. This family meeting looks similar to the same kind of presentation that you might see in a boardroom. Basically, if they like it or not it looks like Kody insists this Sister Wives family is sticking together.

Kody Brown Offers Sister Wives Visuals At Family Meeting

Much like he’s running a business, Kody Brown puts up posters on an easel and he lays out the plan. He wants to leave Las Vegas and move to Arizona. While one wife appears onboard, Christine, the others are not as enthusiastic about the move to Flagstaff. Janelle and Kody’s son is a junior in high school and Janelle doesn’t want to rip him away from his friends and school.

Despite the friction, it looks like this Sister Wives clan eventually work together on moving day, which appears chaotic. Kody Brown, 49, has 18 kids with his four sister wives and while they’re still together after all these years, things don’t always run smoothly.

Tough Friendships – One Man, Four Women

As Christine says in the season premiere video, it’s not always easy being friends with a sister wife. She explains why it’s tough. Christine looks at the camera and shares, “you’re trying to be friends with a woman who has a relationship with your husband.”

What seems to stand out the most in the Sister Wives new season preview is Kody Brown, who seems to take control. While he’s always been the head of the family, it seems that in previous seasons, the wives had a little more control over their living situations. Kody says he misses Utah and they’re all going back someday.

Brown Family Going Back to Utah Despite Family Protests

Back in 2011, the Brown family fled Utah over concerns they could face prosecution due to the polygamy law. The lifestyle this family leads is well known due to the TLC show, Sister Wives. Before they did the show, they remained pretty low-keyed about their lifestyle. Then once they became popular due to Sister Wives, their lifestyle was public knowledge.

Kody Brown and his sister wives sued the state of Utah over some of the wording in the laws prohibiting polygamy. They won in 2013, but it was overturned.

Last year the law changed some of the wording in the law. This boils down to the Brown family not facing prosecution for their polygamy lifestyle. The office of Utah’s attorney general has said the only polygamy cases they’ll prosecute is if they involve other crimes.


It appears the new season of TLC’s  Sister Wives offers Kody in charge and making the decision for the entire family. Not only do his four sister wives have something to say about his move to Arizona, but a few of the older kids also do.

With moving trucks packed and scenes of them traveling down the highway, it seems like Kody got his way. Christine is 100 percent behind Kody and his visions for the family’s future in Arizona. Another wife is perplexed to see Christine take that stand. While Kody Brown hears plenty of protests, the video suggests they all eventually give in and hop along on his journey.

The new season of Sister Wives airs on TLC on Sunday, January 20. Come back often to Soap Dirt for all the latest Sister Wives spoilers and news.