‘Sister Wives’ Spoilers: Kody Brown and Wives Leave Las Vegas in Season 13 Premiere

Sister Wives husband Kody Brown and his four ladies will be shown leaving Las Vegas in the Season 13 premiere of the TLC show. The Brown clan is back and with more family drama than ever. Mark your calendars as the new season premieres Sunday, January 20. The new season will feature the family’s big move from their fabulous Las Vegas homes to the more rural 15 plus acre Flagstaff property. Indeed, the new season teases strained sister wives relationships and money issues. There’s even an engagement announcement for one of The Brown daughters.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Kody Brown Decides To Move The Family

New Sister Wives spoilers from a video promo reveals how Kody Brown decided the family would move to Flagstaff. Not much was revealed on the show this past summer when the news broke that they were relocating once again. Hopefully, this season shows more of the logic behind the move.

The trailer teases an elaborate presentation that Kody Brown prepared for his wives to detailing the plan to relocate. Kody is shown saying to the camera “Vegas has been good to us, and yet, I have wanted to move back to Utah ever since we left”.

Kody Brown’s Wives Not Happy To Pack and Go

The move was not popular with all four of his Sister Wives. In fact, only Christine Brown was excited about Kody Brown’s plan for the family. Although, Janelle Brown was the only wife to voice her objections. Her main concern was yanking her son Gabriel Brown out of his current high school in his junior year.

Kody Brown was rather dismissive in his response to Janelle’s concerns. He says that he will lead the family where he wants and that his wives need to follow when that happens. Kody then is shown saying to the camera, “Eventually, I’m going to lead to places they might not want to go, but I’m going to lead”.

Sister Wives Spoilers – The Brown Kids Don’t Want To Leave Either

The older Brown children are not at all excited about the family’s sudden move from Las Vegas. In fact, the only ones in the clan excited are their father KodyBrown and his third wife Christine. Sister Wives #3 said in the video that she’s done with the state of Nevada. That statement did not sit well with her daughter Aspyn.

She questioned her parents motive for fleeing Sin City. In fact, Aspyn is shown saying, “I just feel like they’re running away from something, and I don’t know what they’re running away from”.

Kody Shuts Down Family Objections

Janelle’s son Gabriel also voiced his unhappiness with the big change on Sister Wives. He doesn’t want to move so close to the end his high school career. In the clip above,  Gabriel says, “I’m really just fuming inside. ” He goes on to add, “For me, this move is awful.”

Janelle told Kody Brown the concern but he shot her down. He is dead set on taking his Sister Wives and exiting Las Vegas. Certainly, none of his wives or children’s objections can or will sway his mind. Watch the new season of Sister Wives on TLC on Sundays at 8 pm starting January 20.

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