‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Crumbles in New Hen-Pecked World?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown looks like a rattled husband with his four unhappy wives when the new season rolls out in just a few days. At first, Sister Wives fans might feel a twinge of empathy for the guy. But only until Kody Brown tosses his flippant idea for a fix out there.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Feeling Overpowered These Days?

Instead of all this multiplied love that Kody talks about, this time around the Sister Wives patriarch appears to change. Kody Brown navigates through everyday life in a different direction. And it’s probably one nobody expected.

A new preview emerged on the heels of the Sister Wives trailer. This offers a little more detail on the Sister Wives story-lines seen in the new season trailer.

It appears as if something extraordinary happened. Kody Brown did nothing to fix an awful situation for his four wives. Since moving to Flagstaff his brood remained separated in four houses strewn miles apart in the city.

It’s been more than two years since they packed up and moved from Vegas. Despite his Sister Wives women complaining about the separation, something odd grew out of the situation.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Meri Brown - Janelle Brown - Christine Brown - Robyn Brown

Kody Brown Did Not Set a Good Example

Remember… the Sister Wives patriarch is the only adult in this plural marriage without a house of his own. Sure, the guy has four beds to chose from every night. But not one of them is his alone. So, it seems as if Kody’s feeling a bit like a ship without a port these days.

The preview for this TLC series indicates all four wives became more than disillusioned during their time in Flagstaff. They’ve worked themselves into what is best described as a downright angry mode. But they wear one side effect well from their years of isolation.

These ladies seem more independent than ever before thanks to Kody’s lack of motivation. The Sister Wives leader slacked off instead of becoming aggressive about Coyote Pass houses.

So, instead of waiting for Kody to fix this, the women seemingly became resilient. They stepped up to the plate to bat a few hardballs toward Kody Brown. He looked like a sad ball player without a glove to cushion the verbal blows headed his way.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Sister Wives: They Are Women Hear Them Roar

Not one Sister Wives lady looks happy or has anything nice to say about Kody in the previews. Janelle seems to be the self-appointed head of the family these days.

The four Sister Wives moms and their kids have been on their own a lot. Unlike the days in Vegas when everyone was just steps away from the individual houses. Then once the pandemic hit, it sounded as if it got worse. The family just didn’t get together as they once did.

The results of all this isolation are demonstrated by these ladies. They seemingly channeled their inner strength and did okay. But it seems as if they became a master of their own destinations.

When the Sister Wives new season airs, these four ladies put it straight to Kody Brown. They want their housing situation fixed. These women no longer look like the ladies of yesteryear.

They seem fearless when dealing with their shared husband. Oh, yes there are tears and even a meltdown from one Sister Wives lady. But they want action.

Family problems in Flagstaff

Woe Is Me?

Kody Brown seems to feel sorry for himself and decides monogamy looks better than ever to him. He makes a decision and shares this in the first new episode. He no longer promotes polygamy.

Another one of his ladies (not Meri this time) considers moving back to Utah with just her kids. She’s contemplating leaving her shared husband. All Kody Brown can do is say how hard it is for him to have four unhappy wives.

So he flippantly tosses his thoughts on monogamy out there to the women he’s been with for decades. That appears as one slap in the face to the women who built this life with him.

Tune into the new Sister Wives season Sunday night February 14 at 10 pm. And, come back to Soap Dirt for the latest on this TLC show and its stars.