‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Makes Shocking Reveal in New Season Opener

Sister Wives star Kody Brown returns with a new outlook in the new season opener that seems to crumble the foundation of his claim to fame. Season 15 sounds like a turning point for the Sister Wives patriarch. The previews indicate this father of 18 takes on honesty as his best policy. Perhaps even brutal honesty.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Stuns Fans Along With His Four Ladies

It appears the turmoil witnessed in the last few seasons took a toll on the Sister Wives leader. Kody suggests he is tired of living among four unhappy wives.

The head of the Sister Wives family tells his wives he no longer wants to advocate for polygamy. The first episode of this new season is titled “Being Strong or Being a Bitch.” This gives viewers a good idea of what to expect as feedback from the four women.

The father of 18 kids started this journey with TLC over a decade ago. His mission was to take the sting out of polygamy for the mainstream population. He wanted to show people that his Sister Wives tribe is just like any other family.

Sister Wives Kody Brown

Love Multiplied and Not Divided

The Sister Wives normal day to day life comes with only one exception of four wives. But as he claims in his motto how this only means more people to love. You hear the motto at the start of every episode.

The motto, “Love should be multiplied and not divided,” is the point he attempted to make with this reality series. But from the look of things this multiplied love ended up dividing them in the up-and-coming Sister Wives season.

The latest promo reveals Kody talking about monogamy. But it appears as if he goes a bit further. If he no longer advocates for polygamy does that mean he admits defeat? It sounds like the Sister Wives followers find this out during the first new episode of the show when the five adults gather for a meeting.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Calls Family Meeting

In the Season 15 opener, Kody Brown and his four wives sit down together after Janelle takes matters into her own hands. The new Sister Wives spoiler indicates the “increasingly tense family dynamic” prompts Janelle to call this meeting.

So, it sounds as if this is the platform from where Kody makes his shocking reveal. But the preview suggests it’s also an honest reveal. He no longer feels he can advocate for the polygamy lifestyle.

In the season trailer, Kody mentions something about how monogamy is a fantasy of his these days. But it sounds as if he tells his four wives that polygamy is no longer something he believes in. Still, at this meeting two of the wives seem distraught at their shared husband.

On the first episode of the new season, fans find two of Kody Brown’s ladies as a couple of unhappy wives. But this time Meri Brown isn’t included in the turmoil.

It seems that turmoil falls to Christine and Robyn Brown this time around. These two ladies “question everything” at this meeting. But that’s not all this pair of co-wives do, they also open up and share their own insecurities within this Sister Wives marriage.

Make sure you catch the rollout of Season 15 on Sunday night, February 14 at 10 pm EST. Then check with Soap Dirt daily for all the news on this TLC reality show.